SKINR Tool Feedback

So I like the idea of making skins in the SKINR tool. I have seen some really awesome stuff being made.

1.) Make the skin once created, be able to move to your inventory of the character that created it.
2.) Make some sort of an interface for corporations to be able to provide “Corporate Approved” skins for its pilots.

We already pay for the materials to create the skins. We then pay to create the item. It would be really nice if we didn’t have to skill each character that wanted the same skin into the skills and be forced to redesign the same skin more than once. ( Some of us have more that 10 accounts ).

I know others have complained, I made one skin. I wanted to share them free of charge to my corporation mates and was not able to do so.

Great ideas!
I also think that corporate skin idea should apply to alliances.
I also think we should be able to preview elements and save skins that use elements we dont own or are limited distribution (like the recent federation day elements).

  • Eliminate the 30% tax (PLEX has already been paid on the design elements and rendering). Change SKIN acceleration from PLEX to EverMarks).
  • Rendered player SKINs should be items just like other SKINs, ie: moved, stored, traded, put on contract (private listings), etc.
  • Allow SKINs listed on the Paragon hub to be modified (price) or deleted, and searched or sorted by author name, etc.
  • Hub Promotion - adds 1 design slot per level (5 base + 5 = 10 max).
  • Hub Algorithm Optimization - adds 2 design slots per level (5 base + 5 + 10 = 20 max).
  • Additional design slots (up to 30) available for 20,000 EverMarks or 20 PLEX each (5 base + 5 skill + 10 + 30 = 50 max).
  • Allow all design elements to be previewed prior.

Maybe put these in the official feedback thread, where they go? :thinking:

Thanks for the feedback, I was encouraged from a ticket to make the post separate.

bumped this into Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

I spent maybe 10 minutes looking at this system and decided it was designed to separate fools from their money as efficiently as possible while every other aspect of it was unintuitive, convoluted, laborious, and a time sink.

20 days to produce a skin? Nope.


I definitely agree with the feedback here, it’s kind of absurd that you can’t design a corp skin and give it to corp members without throwing away 30% extra. For selling, I don’t mind there being some kind of tax, but 30% is really insane, the amount you have to upcharge just makes the skins not really worth buying which will ultimately stifle the market.


Definitely agree with the notion of being able to skin for an entire corporation. I could see the situation working well if there were some kind of toggle that allowed CEOs to broadcast available corp skins – or for FCs to toggle a skin in real time to apply it to an entire fleet, at that. The only limitation I could see being obvious here is that one size definitely does not fit all with skins and distinct hull types. I have yet to read someone answering the question of how that would work, outside of flat color applications.

As for most everything else here (or described in threads elsewhere) – the full removal of tax, giving market mobility to skins as tradeable objects, lowering or altogether eliminating sequence time, using EM in consequential ways within the system to save on ISK/PLEX, etc – I think there’s a sharp philosophical divide between folks that want the SKINR system to work as an instant, minimal-cost personal transmogrifier and folks that would rather it now thrive as a profession by keeping its cost/time efficiency rooted in initial skill, nano, and/or pattern investments, and that divide often isn’t acknowledged appropriately enough in these conversations.

The following are a couple of changes I could see working well to make skilling into sequencing as a profession better overall while also somewhat improving quality of life for folks that just want skins for free. Have a look…


After making a bunch of skins, and collecting almost all the unlimited colors, here are my gripes:

I cannot delete a skin once I sequence it. (made a duplicate due to not paying attention)
I cannot rename a skin once I sequence it.
I cannot interrupt a sequence job to cancel it once started.
I cannot delete limited paint colors if they are not needed after they are activated.
I cannot extract activated paint colors if I no longer need them and want to sell them.
Changing hulls while using a pattern scrambles the patterns position settings.
DEEP VOID GLOSS - UNLIMITED is completely missing? Jita shows none sold, how is this paint obtained?

PLEX cost for sequencing and instant sequence is TOO HIGH !!

I’m sure I’ll think of more later… lol


haha Yeah the absence of Deep Void Gloss is a little zany. And yes to all of the above. I’ll add to the list by saying that it’s real sketchy that we can’t cancel listings once they’re on the market. There’s basically no reason to list for longer than a day ever, if you have the time to check on things daily.

A lot of nuanced designer- and consumer-friendly changes for SKINR, it seems. Skillable save slot expansion, better design element navigation/purchasing, better heads-up for sequencing information before it’s initiated – not sure if they’re live yet, but I’m excited to check 'em out. Very exciting.

Yes, SKINR changes are live.

How about opening up SKINR a bit by reducing prices to 5 (or maybe 10) PLEX as the base for corvette designs (rather than the 30 PLEX at present) ? Maybe also for shuttle designs ? People might get into the SKINR system more if they had a cheap introductory offer, and also designs might be better showcased “where did u get your corvette SKIN ?” “I made it”. I’m not paying 30 PLEX baseline, but might be encouraged to try the system on a ship I will always fly :slight_smile:

How about an “invert” option for some of the design elements (patterns) ?

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Invert might be interesting…

I have another suggestion to stimulate interest - why not have a one-time offer, say half-price, for your first skinr skin ?

It is clear to me that the market activity is minimal universe-wide, except in Jita; and even there it’s much less vigorous than for other items on sale.

Has CCP said anything at all about the tax level? Or are they just sticking their head in the sand?

One thing that definitely needs to be added (or made clearer on how to use) is the ability to manually enter in values for pattern angles.

…this is a Sci-Fi, high-techy universe…and I still have ‘eye ball’ stuff?? :joy:


Can you buy the Skill books for the Sequencing skills yet ???