CCP. Skins, please

How long must we wait for the glorious hello kitty skin addition CCP?

Okay they don’t HAVE to be hello kitty. But it would be cool, just more detailed diverse skins would be nice… So far only the hex, kariola and blaze skins have really been eye openers… They’re flashy and I’d love to see skins pushing the threshold… Rather than this seemingly continuous addition of two or three tone colours with no more detail or logos… Especially when they’re a good revenue stream.


I want the hello kitty Kestrel!


Yaaassss. It’s so beast.


It has to happen.



Wow, looks promising :wink:
I hope i could import my own skins with that tool one day, like this one:


why put any effort into it when people are willing to spend almost 40 USD on bare bones skins. hell their prices are rising and people are still paying

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Would be a good way to CCP to get some income, so they can create more content !

Well, the hope is CCP break that mindset and make the game truly unique in all regards. Hopefully they push a little harder on the skin side and devote a few more resources to making those fun ships to fly more appeasing to the eye. Have you seen some of the Chinese skins? The detail is amazing! Why Is the CCP skin team lagging so far behind?

Why do they create a few truly amazing skins and then go back to two tone garbage?

Also why do Tech 1 ships also seem to have alot more skins than tech 2. Why? Why not add more there as well?

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personally i would rather the art team focus on literally anything else

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Eh that’s your opinion… But eve is already a beautiful game… The skyboxes are amazing and the stars are literally blindingly beautiful. I’d just like my ship skin to have that awesome level of art and flair put into it.

Burn it with fire. All of them.

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The day will come…


Oh god. :face_vomiting:


“My God, it’s full of stars.”

I want them all - that is the best thing I have ever seen for an Eve concept.

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We are nearly there with Eros Blossom.


Keep the faith.

Hello Kitty is next …


Just wait until the suits realise that they can sell Hello Kitty Skins at their original fantasy 1000usd prices.


Most of them max out ~$20 (490 plex so a little less), and they are super cap skins. There’s one in the store at 695 plex which is ~$25 using the 1100 plex package. Back in the Aurm days I think a skins were more expensive in general though.

I will say I do find a bunch of the early skins kinda disappointing as they mostly just change a color or two on the hull. but it seems most of the newer skins are nicer. Glittering dream skins are rather nice, the bloody hands looks great on a few ships,

I’d still buy em.

@Stars_Storm I about spewed my cookies over that mosiac of white fluff…

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