When will Hello Kitty Online skins be available at the shop?

I remember the days of hearing ‘Eve is dangerous, this isn’t Hello Kitty Online’, and so forth. So for funsies, how about being able to fly with ‘Hello Kitty’ or some parody of it on your ship?

Yea, I know some gankers would LOVE this as well… the humor in it would be well appreciated by their victims too, I’m sure!

Isn’t the ORE Rosada Dawn (I think that’s the name…) and the Amarr version of the Hunter’s Quiver SKINS sort of along those lines.

Yeah, I’d support this.



Fully supported. Make CCP go bankrupt over the licensing fees. :slight_smile:


Yes, we demand one of these!


Make it so.

I miss t’amber/apricot baby and the skin stuff.



I’m seriously all for it. Hope it happens soon so I can fly my hello kitty noctis

This is the direction we’re headed

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I’ve thought about it, and hello kitty would be a great addition to EVE’s skin system, but not as great as my little pony. Could you imagine a typhoon with twilight sparkle on top? Or what about a Raven with Celestia? Perfect. I see no problem with this at all.




I would rock the hell out of a Hello miss Kitty orca or porpoise or both

Well if we talk about commercializing SKINs, than I would like to see Logitech, Gigabyte, Aorus and Corsair SKINs :sunglasses:

inb4 pew die pie SKINs :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

This skin was released as a breast cancer awarenes scheme and CCP donated the revenue to an organisation fighting breast cancer. Not at all a “hello kitty” joke. I fly my pink mining barges witrh a lot of pride.

And if you pvp enough, your ship gets a cutie mark.

If they have no real problems some guys seem to create some for themselves…

The game has bigger problems than a couple of skins…the lack of safety for PVE in high for example…

personally I find the lack of some truly ridiculous ship skins to be kinda immersion breaking. yes, eve is supposed to be a dark and gritty dystopia… but you know whats dystopian as ■■■■… a nigh immortal half-insane demigod with more isk than some planetary governments who decides, on a whim, that he’s gonna paint all his terrifyingly powerful warships hot neon pink, because who the hell is going to tell him he can’t.

in the lore, we are a barely constrained power that even the empires look at with concern, I fly around in a ship large enough to destroy entire cities with a single blast, and yet, somehow, painting a giant carebear on the front is not gritty enough.

also now I totally want an avatar skin with a carebear on the front shooting its doomsday out of the stomach like a carebear stare. so much so that if a skin like that ever came out I would drop everything to train into and acquire an avatar for that sole purpose.


Better still give us a skin creator and every dseign we do costs 250 plex. CCP that would make you a ton of cash.


Also, a framework to browse people’s designs and purchase them for ISK could be very interesting. Creators get paid, and the less creative among us get more skins to choose from.