Rosada Dawn Skins

(Blut Gewitter) #1

Hey, don’t know if this is the right spot to ask, but it’s there any info about the “Rosada Dawn” Skins for 2017?
Would be happy to see them back!

Thanks for the help,

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

I honestly like the exclusiveness of my RS skins.

(Mu'ad Diib) #3

I love the Rosada Dawn skins - I have them on all my mining ships. I think it’s a pretty cool idea so I’d love to see some other charity skins too if CCP is up for it.

(Blut Gewitter) #4

I don’t like the fact that the price for them on the market is beyond anything a new player could ever afford…

So I think it’s time for a new charity!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #5

Well it has been a limited offer, so prices are naturally high.

Wait for another charity to open and pop a few dollahs out to get plex and then the skins

(system) #6

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