WHAT does it take?

I am currently trashing assets and preparing for a permanent ban and complete uninstall.
Everything I have tried fails. Nothing works for me the way it does for others. I will not un-dock and completely regret ever going omega and will never again.
I started off Gas harvesting suppose to make the most isk so i thought i would get into it.
I didn’t know it yet but i was just Content for Tundragon.

Joined some corps that quickly fell apart due to lack of rewarding content and tired of lack of survivability.
Alone everything i tried ultimately failed the final total was loss a grueling mess where in i was constantly being hunted and trying anything only resulted in a wasted effort.
Aside from providing content for Goons and Coven.

The theme Continued I trained skills to over come and just got punished trolled Harder for it. I asked and players forums. They would tell me “my mistake was Undocking at all.” “EVE is hard” and “gotta harden the F up”

Nothing I tried ever worked. I bought PLEX to get isk and really try harder. But i could never pay enough to not be content for RED.

I thought I i could just get 1 load of some resource i could recoup most of my losses and start to feel better about eve. Just play the odds eventually you get somrthing to jita and sell make isk and the game will be rewarding.

You can say i was doing it wrong but i have examples where i tried that too and it fails the same just cost more isk.

Stay out of Null and Low sec then you would say

for years the only time i am not in a 10 mill or less frigate I am in a Fleet with someone who tells me when to undock Solo Operations still always end in failure. Not by luck not in a down time. Never even could i get a Wormhole to work out that wasn’t going to be a butt puckering hell run.
Quit my null sec corps and tried every option i could think of to survive and i was Just Content Nothing i tried ever worked


i would get mead try to shoot back and Whelp

tried something else and whelp

Tried getting hard and Whelp

had enough of that and back to HS see what happens Whelp

Desperate for positive isk flow content a win a reward something positive to come from all I have invested there are assets in station i could sell but i am afraid to undock in anything anywhere. Griefing degenerates have ruined my game riddled it useless. Is this what losing eve is like? Like what does it take to win just 1 success there is potential. i could really enjoy this if i could set a goal as simple as jump into the next system without having to buy another ship and start all over again.
I rejoined a null sec corp and tried to get real industry Cried and cried for days just to get a chance to make isk in eve and finally i got a spot in LAWN. they had kill me many time they had red standing to me and I wanted nothing to do with them But maybe if i could find the USTZ niche get in a small ratting group see how they make isk…
But no

not me

I use my connections to get into goons another one i had been content for so many times how can i get isk? i loaded up POS after POS it takes money to make money right.
Not like that.

so i was the meat shield for the corp the killed me so many times for awhile.

Realizing I had no access to isk in null sec and no chance of ever getting anything acquired to market. i was not part of a looting party and my ships didn’t get SRP. so
I returned to never undock day after day I focused on Planetary Info structure. For the last 6 months not undocking all the time i had left after paying for 1 year of eve. I destroyed many assets to avoid undocking to clear stations and planets of messy inventory and do something when i updated my skill Que . I literally paid for half a year and did not play.
then i did not pay of play for a year at all. all my friends had quit due to grief and i was Only fodder and going to lose more no point the game was pointless and completely unrewarding playing eve was the most Masochistic thing i had ever done I was through.
Refuse to install client Until…
When the free to play came I thought i would check it out. Still out of isk from all the losses and failing at my second attempt at Null sec life I tried to move some Old assets for the isk

after logging in for a week I Logged out again for 2 years. Convinced EVE online is a pile of ship. I would never return…
Then Covid19 and everyone was on lock down You tube was sending Pings. War coming get in it gonna be great. I have a EVE account i thought and some SP ill just get in check out a war see if i have fun.

Cant get stuff outta Kick out stations CCP baiting me to create content i just trashed all assets in low sec and refused to give them way in gate camp or contract scams. CCP hates its players

poked around made mistakes

Still nothing i tried ever worked not even once and not ever like it did when it was done against me The game was rigged i am her to create content for elitist degenerated and CCP is here to grief its player base and cater to botters and Boxers.

With the Omega time i had left i went to do PI with no reward or positive outcome

the bull ship is constant and unrelenting.
Tried to get in on some isk making oppertunity when Structures got popped

made a total of 15 mill isk from space loot.
Omega expires and I am relived. still watching the news on the war I get into Provi Bloc.

still nothing works for me and the meat shield i am can’t undock in a NRDS environment.
I actually get a spot Crying for action in the war and something to work something to be rewarding something to be accomplished. at this point its been 2 months waiting for war and twitch and you tube say it here
I get into a Panfam coalition turn on omega Clone something i swore i would never do again this was it war is here. Quick pay double even triple the value of a ship and get into fleet… this is gonna be fun this is gonna be huge you wont be alone.
No not really

i was happy to have ships that made kills before the died, But the solo time between fleets were Long and i still hod 0 isk income
I tried Cloaky nullified Tengu supposed to be safe. But eve is riddled with grief and is a piece of ship game and nothing i ever do will ever work so because i am not a botting multiboxer i don’t get maledictions that will approach from 16 km to 0 pop a cloak instantly target and warp scram in less than 1 second

Does not work out for me. total loss mail I will never ever ever be able to do what is constantly and always done to me EVE is a piece of ship game Riddled with griefing degenerates.

You don’t get to accomplish anything in eve Nothing will work out you’ll die making trips to die making trips constantly moving back words
CCP thinks its funny you play a game that is abusive to you
this is how they feel about you

since nothing is possible and i can’t accomplish anything without a 100 man fleet I have already uninstalls and asked CCP to permaban me so i no longer return if something eve causes me to make the mistake of wondering. I hope they continue to aliente the player base undermine their income, I refuse to return to use assets saved in stations I will not give things away to support degenerates and poor game development
where begging and trolling grieving players is acually the most profitable carrier in eve.
Who want to play that. I i use the term “play” loosely Playing is fun’ Eve is not fun. Its a grief ridden piece of ship platform Where nothing you try will ever work out and you will regret ever attempting to undock among such degenerates.
Since it is not possable to ever accomplish doing to others what has been done to me I have been told by CCP to take a step back and reevaluate perspective. I did after taking a step back all i see is a bigger pile of ship. Ill return when i hear CCP is bankrupt and selling to real game developers not high school elitist trolls.

Can I have your stuff (assuming you have any left, of course) ?

Lmao, this is lik that 1 letter response from a crush when you type out a paragraph

1st, it does take “not that”, since,
discussion of moderation and, bans, or, permanent bans is not allowed or permitted,
or , authorized, on the forums channels, and, a few other places which might not be good to publish communication of the sort on.

2nd, as I saw that you too managed to lose some Tayra at 2 billion a pop, although I lost 4 billion and 5 on some of the xKillmail website, as some of the top of the page activity of the day or other time period, although , not in wormhole yet – I did lost a few ships, but, under 1 billion , it’s more menageable – , although I mostly lost my cargo in Gallente Transport, some covert, some DST, although again, no Freighters were lost yet, since I never flown them, although I may have bought one , and the hangar somehow didn’t manage to keep it safely, or it will come back later…

Anyways, it is not a main percentage of my work so far.

3rd, so, don’t do those public contract, where the gankers actually get paid to hit you for movies and so on.
If you’re gonna go down transporting goods for money, at least do it with an escort, or, don’t pay a collateral which would cause you to lose the contract value.

In other words, items can be transported, you can invest in a Jump Freighter which then was a few 8 billion , up from a few 5 billion, to maybe now over 13 billion, or, who knows what, when, and where, right ?

If you’re gonna haul over 100 billion or 1 trillion with it, it is still a small percentage, as the start of the day ( if you finish the day ) .
Anything over 1 billion shows up on radar, and 2 billion uses 2 radars.

1 minute later:
Also be aware that , Citadels now can potentially cause a lot more damage than previous stations could, and that, if you try to dock at one which is hostile, or, refuses you access, or, blocks your access when in range, you might find more losses from it.

Also be aware that, losing a Citadel from enemy fire can potentially cause a lot more damage than previous ships, and that, if you pay for the thing, you might see your wallet depleted faster, and some loan shark willing to steal it from you.

Computer stalled for 15 minutes:
I didn’t have the time to read the rest, and, might not have time, but, if and when I do, I might get more insight into it.
I also was not there, and, although this maybe some of my secret allies trying to post propaganda to lure someone else into a trap, or, help them to expose themselves from cover, I can only relate as much as I can verify, as the rest is speculative rumor until confirmed , and, with which certainty ratio.

21 minutes later:
Ah but wait, I got it all wrong , you already played 2 years ago.

Also, why were you or your friend flying a Loki, if you can’t fly around or have problems ?

23 minutes later:
Some of the logic evades my understanding of the knowledge due to delays from computers in newer systems.

This site can’t be reached

The webpage at WHAT does it take? might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


Someone informed me, it’s the error guy.

■■■■, so much effort for so simple rant post.

This is definitely that one guy who’s new in corp and to eve, and he asks questions in corp chat, and people tell him how to do things, but then he argues with them even though they’re seasoned veterans and he’s asking the question because he has no earthly idea himself, and then he throws a fit and quits corp because “nobody ever helps him”.

I just get that “Genius Expert Newbro” vibe.


I have two nifty tricks that could have helped you, or someone like you, immensely:

  1. Use a transport service. Collateral is your friend. All null sec blocs you were a part of have JFC services that could have gotten your stuff to high sec, and then you could have used red frog or haulers channel from there. If forced to haul for PI, do it in a low traffic system so you can do it when there are 0 others in system(or at least 0 undocked). Hauling(and ganking haulers) is a minigame within the game, and if you aren’t dedicated to playing it then it’s not worth playing.

  2. The guys killing you have significantly longer histories of deaths. There’s a learning curve going from F1 alliance member to a successful solo pilot and it’s going to wrack up lots of deaths. Don’t go from T1 fits until the difference between fights would have actually been swung by better ships/modules.

And one that will help you now:

  1. Instead of permaban, you can just sell your character on the bazaar, or extract all the SP(sell injectors to buy more extractors). Your SP is just another item to delete.
  1. I used JFCs to get ships that were not cloaky nullified moved. Those lasted in ops.
    The problem is losing a cloaky nullified tengu 1 time undocking it.
  2. you just agreeing with my point EVE is too full of elitist degenerates .
    So undocking is sacrificing yourself and feeding the enemy. What does it take. Uninstall eve is a broken game … got it
  3. thanks if i am ever tempted to return to the circle jerk of a platform i will remove all my SP and trash it.


I feel like this man is actually just being constantly targeted in eve. Like he’s that one person that everyone constantly bullies

So if I’m understanding this correctly:

  • you did it wrong
  • you knew were doing it wrong
  • you continued to do it wrong
  • you’re continuing to do it wrong
  • you’re doing it wrong right now this very moment
  • you’re fully aware what you’re doing right now is wrong but you’re doing it anyway
  • poop

I mean, the solution to your problem is fairly obvious (and no, it’s not ragequitting), but…


Do these people ever stop to think “hmm…very many people have played EvE just fine over the years…they can’t all have been more clever than I am surely…maybe it’s me?”

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Ouch I felt those top three gifs
Also yeah that’s a lot of people’s mindset. If they are looking for something to blame rather then themselves

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