Came back to game after years of afk

Gotta say the omage limitation is such a punch in the … as hell.

Half of my ships are unusable. I’m literally crippled to 0. Nice one wow. What happen to Free EVE ? :confused: This just sad :- (((

Gotta reconsider coming back now :confused:

And I can’t train, I cant make money, I mean HOLY F4"! !! Wow guys.

Eve is free.

Ok, alpha clones are one form of it, but the real route to free for a veteran like you is skill extractors.

Use them to extract and sell a month’s worth of PLEX. Then buy 500 PLEX and play for free for a month the whole time training back those skills (with max remap and implants for maximum value). Then extract skills again and repeat ad infinitum.

You won’t gain new skills, but you will more-or-less cover your subscription costs and have access to all your skills.

You’ve never had access to those skills as an alpha player. You haven’t lost anything here. If you have those skills you were subbing or plexing before.

If you don’t wanna sub or PLEX, you take the skills you’re allowed.

EVE has been subscription-based for 17 years now. You should already know this if you are a returning player. Just be glad that CCP gives you unlimited-time free play, unlike the 14-day trial that we used to have…


good riddance
coming back AND whining and complaining that you cannot have everything while you bring nothing
please go back to other mmos we don’t need you

" i want to play tennis but i don’t want to pay the location of the ground"
“i want to go to the mac donald but i don’t want to pay for the meal”

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Why don’t you just sell your assets, use the ISK to buy PLEX and go Omega, and use the leftovers to do what you want?

Welcome back!

Pay for a subscription (you know, like everybody including you did before) = you can then use your stuff = “problem” solved.


I think I’m going to get a lot of mileage out of this clip.

Did you honestly ever happen to find a free game, without adverts, with daily maintainance, with such a complex structure? I know Linux, but that’s no game. You need people doing the work, machines, and infrastructure.
I’m very happy that someone’s there setting up a quite stable platform for a reasonalbe amount of money. All “for free” games I tried yet were simple or disappointing and laden with adds and hidden offers.

EVE is not cheap, that’s true. But it’s very honest, which I appreciate.


A 3-day trial back in the good old days :wink:

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