Returned after 7 years and I'm so frustrated

Hey, not really looking for help at this point, but more of a commentary on how returning after 7 years ended up frustrating me to the point of not wanting to play within an hour.

I figured, free to play…whats the harm to try and rekindle my old love for Eve. Or so I thought… Can’t do anything without paying. I just wanted to take my harvester out for some fun right next door to where I’m docked, nope can’t do that without paying. Lets train up a skill…nope, not without paying. Seems to be a common theme.

Be nice to be able to actually do something in game to see if it still appealed to me, rather than putting up pay-wall roadblocks at EVERY turn.

Sorry, just wanted to let yall know how unapproachable the game was.

Thanks for the memories!


Glad you figured out that you’re not cut out for this game.
See ya later. Hope you find something that you enjoy spending your time on!


The roadblocks are not at every turn. Basically, only the easiest, most scalable activities are behind the paywall. This is to protect the shared economy from infinite, free accounts flooding the market with stuff.

You can build stuff, but you aren’t going to be able to compete as easily with the financial supporters of the game. Full stop.

You can dip your toes into New Eden, but bottom line is you need to pay to really play. Do as you want, but don’t expect anyone to be very sympathetic to your inflated sense of entitlement.


EVE has always been a subscription-based game since Day 1. CCP allows you to have an unlimited free trial in the form of an Alpha account…


OP, welcome ba…oh…um…thanks for stopping by?..I guess…

I say just pay for omega time and do what you want. As far as entertainment for the money EvE is actually pretty darn good on that.

Folks will spend much more money than it takes to play EvE for a month quite casually and not blink the eye over it. But pay a few monies for hours of entertainment?!!! Suddenly they’re Ebenezer Scrooge.

Just the money I’ve wasted on buying drinks for women born in the month of November could probably easily pay for 20 years of omega time for everyone in this thread and would have been a better use of the money…


Xuxe, that is some brutal reality there.

Well, if you don’t want to pay, it’s far easier to stay omega with an omega’s income, than it is to go omega with an alpha’s income.

Also, they’re a business. They don’t owe you a free game. So either put in the work to buy plex, or pony up for a sub.


There are many activities one can do using the free Alpha state. The game can be very enjoyable without paying the subscription, especially if you are returning from a long hiatus and need to learn the many differences between then and now. Instead of the old time-limited trial, now you can really see if you want to play - and pay.

I’ve never understood why people need to make posts like the OP, as if it is a unique revelation that had not occurred to anyone else. If I come across a game that I do not want to play, or I feel costs too much for what it offers, I never give it any thought again, let alone feel the need to post my ‘insights’ to a board full of strangers who clearly have a different view.


But that’s not what you did. What you did is let us all know that you pretend you should be able to play a subscription based game for free without limitations and without having to earn enough ISK to be able to pay for PLEX in game.

That says a A LOT about you, not about the game. Why would you want to come to a public forum to let us know how self-entitled you are when you could have simply and silently go play some other game that you like better instead?


And maybe to add on. You can do a lot without paying already as an Alpha.

But if you use to playing as OMEGA you are going to find things you might be capable of and use to doing as an OMEGA impacted… Do not blame the game for your misunderstanding.


Sounds like someone logged in with an old toon with lots of skills that are restricted to Omega. Plenty of stuff for an alpha to do but I can imagine working out what you can do when half your skills are now locked would be quite confusing. :thinking:

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Paying for Omega was totally worth it for me but I can understand that some people don’t want to pay subscriptions in general. Seems like you need a subscription for everything these days and it does my head in!

ok so OP goes to the cinema and says “hey, i cannot watch movies in an unlimited way for free… how unfair it is!”
alpha status is a TRIAL phase, to allow you to test whether you like this game and want to upgrade to omega or not
eve is not a charity foundation
If you don’t wanna pay the cost of one mc donald’s meal per month to play with omega status, OP, that’s your decision. Don’t blame the game for that
good riddance, no need to come here and whine

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Hey there Verix. Glad to have you join the conversation!

Here’s the deal with Alpha state. It’s not meant for returning players (at least in its current design). It’s meant to give folks who have never filled their cockpit with pod goo a chance to explore the stars and see the basics of the game. For them to get a taste of the skilling system, the non-linear game design, the graphics, and the community. Alpha lets a new player do enough to figure out whether Eve is for them or not long-term.

In your case I understand the frustration. As a previous Eve vet, you know what Eve was like in 2013, and it’s vastly different today. The difference is that you’ve had the basic experience already and are past that now. While much of Eve has changed in your absence, it is not so different that the overall game experience has changed. That part, the core of what makes New Eden special, remains intact for all these years.

I’d say what you don’t want to hear. If you want to see how the game has changed, and figure out if those changes are enough to bring you back after your hiatus, put in a month at Omega status and give it a shot. The worst thing that happens is you don’t like it and leave, but at least you’ll know for sure.

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I can understand where you are coming from. You are used to high end content and can’t do that now so I understand why you are frustrated by that. However, for me as an alpha I can do everything at least a little bit and still have lots of fun, I may not be able to make isk as quickly, or be as skilled, but still I don’t know of any type of activity in EVE that I can’t participate in to some degree and so I feel there is still lots of fun to be had. While its true that CCP needs to make money and does so through Plex etc and Omega, I do not believe that alpha should be viewed as a long term trial account unless CCP has stated as such, it is designed I believe to yes bring in people who will buy plex, omega, or other services to make CCP money, but also add more to the character base which in itself ads more content. I don’t fully understand how when I read about alphas wanting to earn the isk to make plex in game all the people who tell them to just buy it. CCP gets the money either way, and for some of us part of the fun is having a goal like that and working towards it and being able to achieve it, for others clearly theyd rather spend the money and they are free to do that :slight_smile:

So yes there are thing syou can’t do on the trial account, but each activity category you can partake in at a “lower” level and sitll have lots of fun and interact with the people here in EVE in my opinion. But that would be hard for you being used to what is now considered higher end content so I get it.

Are you complaining that you can’t play the game you used to pay to play the same way but without paying? The audacity of some people!


Seven years ago you had to pay to log in.

Create a new alpha if you would like to try out that game as intended.

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