Returning Old Timer (a bit frustrated)

So, I played a fair bit when the game first came out. I came back to it for a couple months here and there over the years. For all of that I paid to play with money.

Now I see this free to play option but…

As an alpha, roughly a third of the skills I trained in the past as a paying player are blocked. I am not even allowed to train other low-level skills, since I am over the cap. I don’t have access to some of my most important possessions, like the mining barge that I invested a lot of time into, thus taking away one route of even grinding ISK.

I understand the need to have limits on free accounts. What does not sit well is taking away so much that I paid for in the past.

They want you to have an overwhelming urge to buy.

Oddly enough, when you pay for a sub you will have access to the those ships and skills again.

In the past if you did not pay you did not have access to anything. And yes… you paid for access in the past, not paying makes you loose that access. You might as well then complain to netflix that shows you watched in the past should still be viewing when you no longer pay for netflix. How ridiculous does that sound? EVE is still a subscription game.

The Alpha account is free and it gives people a taste of EVE. they actually removed some skills and access as people were abusing the access Alpha accounts already have. Even now if you are smart enough you can still make enough isk as an alpha to plex your account.


What is ridiculous is that if I accept something like not being able to make good use of my most advanced items and using my skills at greatly reduced levels. I cannot even take a different route and become a decent frigate pilot now. I cannot learn a single skill that I do not already have no matter how rudimentary that skill.

Can’t have barges, OK. Can only have skill X at level 2, OK. 5 mill skill point cap overall, pure BS.

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No it is not.

You have no right to play with Tech II ships for free just because you have the skills from the past. Plex or get your sub going and stop acting like a man child.


Obviously you don’t realize you are using a trial subscription atm. WB!

If you don’t pay or plex, you don’t get full content, that’s perfectly normal. You didn’t buy any pixel goods years ago, but the right to play on a server for a defined time. Now there’s a trial entry onto the server, but it’s limited - if it wasn’t, many players wouldn’t have any reason to subscribe, and either Alpha accounts would be removed from game very quickly or CCP wouldn’t bother to maintain that game and pay for servers.

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Just pay for a sub like you have before already. You already know you like EvE, you don’t need to check it out and see.

Pay for your entertainment. EvE is actually fairly good value for the entertainment time.

I’ve always found it a little strange how most of us will spend large amounts on things that last a very short time (such as drinks at a bar, delivery food, a AAA game…yet balk at an EvE sub that will give you hours of entertainment since you know you like it enough to play it some hours in a month.

Quit griping and just pay a little.


I don’t often give likes but that deserved it. I can easily spend 100-200 euros for a nice Sunday meal for my better half and me. That amount gives me 1 year eve time, well worth the moola.

You should still possibly have skills you can train by using skill injectors. Alphas can have up to 20mil SP

I used to shop at this grocery store all the time. Today I was in there and got a free sample of cheese. But then, they wouldn’t let me take the whole cheese wheel. This does not sit well with me considering how much cheese I’ve bought there in the past.


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