What do you name your ship and why?

I TRY to be witty and roundabout with my naming - whether I am is another issue:

So for example I’ll name some tiny ships to be huge ones:
Atron → Minokawa/Kronos
Heron → Phoenix Navy Issue/Navy Dreadnought
Other times I name them to whatever they resemble:
DNI → door wedge
Praxis → dinner’s served
Others to try dissuade hunters:
Venture → fishing rod
Prospect → master baits
Cormorant (salvager) → fast tackle
Or for function:
Tayra (max cargo) → hollow inside
Griffin → wirecutter
Kryos → fridge
Maybe some fun ones:
Metamorphosis (scanner) → lil’ sniff (mine just died >Law and order will be served< so my next one gonna be called lil’ sniff 2)
Name follows form:
Raven → angri seegull
Catalyst → wanna-b-b-wing
Talwar → get your feelers on
Golem → flying spearman
Megathron → swipe card here
Barghest → waffle tank

I also did think of naming a PNI → navy dread-not

I know, they’re bad…