Giving Away 100B+ and Biomassing?

i just read this on reddit:

is this guy even legit? his kb looks genuine though based on his story, anyone knows this guy???

if you were a victim of this guy’s smart bombing fest, don’t flag my post plz, go flag his thank you!!!

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No idea, i’m not going to bother with it myself as the people using macros to click loot the fastest will win it all anyway so he would be better off just having random numbers rolled in a hat lol

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My thinking also.

That and I can just imagine what’s going to happen if I exit my ship in an attempt to get into an unmanned giveaway ship. No doubt someone will beat me to it. I’ll then turn around to find someone has jumped into my ship leaving me floating around in my Pod. At which point someone will pod me for the lols.



why wuld you eject out of your ship in the first place dumb ass. just fly in a pod lol

No need to be a rude.

That’ll work well when he ejects a 5-10 billion ISK can won’t it :roll_eyes:

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did you even read or understood what the post says? stop posting dumb comments and i wont be rude

Did you? Don’t think so.

But please, show up in a Pod. I’ll personally make sure you die.

Take your own advice. He’s ejecting cans and you think you can scoop those into a Pod with no Cargo hold? Good advice! Clearly I am the one posting dumb comments while you are some kind of EVE genius. :rofl:


u bring a ship to scoop loot and fly in a pod when he starts handing out ships. is that hard to figure out???

But no one in EVE has more than one account… :cry:

Imagine a skill farmer showing up to this in-game event with all his 300+ characters causing TiDi. :joy:

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Well, I just read that too. WTF? I don’t understand. I have dual feelings about that thread so: or that guy laughed all the time writing that or he cried all the time doing that. Garst, corps, blah, blah, blah, TRI…, reprocess, biomass WTF? Well, Garst is back and well rested and he’s going to run a new campaign against Legion of XXDeathXX. He could donate all assets to Garst for that.

Or that guy is Judge or somebody trying to looks like Judge by trolling. :thinking:

Well, I wanna spam a in case motto

plebs and not ever knowing the mechanics of eve. do some research before u make ignorant comment like this

I think he was being sarcastic. :thinking:


Is there some mental disorder that causes a person to take every comment they ever read literally? Because boy do you have it.

Where have I seen this before …


… I know!



No no, that’s impossible surely.


I have seen eve meltdowns like this before…

Was someone’s :raised_hand: involved in any of those meltdowns? :scream:

Edit: Oh and btw inb4 this weekend is a surprise :boom: burn Jita weekend. :smiling_imp:

we took it to the next level before burn jita was a thing, we would build disco domi’s and say we are giving away a domi at moon 5 planet 7 or someplace where there was nothing to stop the smart bombs from going off…we will eject when there are 20 plus pilots waiting to board ship…laughed so hard it hurt…still smiling now actually…watch that sec stat drop…then off to null to get back to +5…I love this game :slight_smile:


…says the guy gonna get rich quick on this amazing once-in-an-EvE life opportunity…

I guess there will be no GiveAway but a youtube video of a bunch of people warping to pings in Jita and getting laughed at. Or free billions? What are the chances, this is EVE after all.