Same guy with 20 alts

Same guy with 20 alts is camping the same system every day with catalysts. It’s not a bunch of people, and im not exaggerating about the number.
Pvp can be fun. But I dont understand why the same person is allowed to bot 20 accounts with catalysts, and never be punished for it.
Is this the future of eve? Either go live under someone in low/null, or face swarms of catalyst ganks all day in highsec? There’s nothing interesting or skillful about botting 20 accounts to suicide gank freighters and haulers day in and day out. Seems like CCP doesn’t care about it, and even encourages it.
I haven’t been killed by this guy yet. But, I wonder to myself every time I pass them by “why is he allowed to bot 20 accounts and swarm gank every day with no consequences”?sameguy

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What should he be punished for?

Isn’t there? It’s seems way more difficult and interesting than running the same mission for the hundredth time or mining with an Orca in highsec. Coordinating that many clients isn’t easy.

They don’t. Both multiboxing and highsec piracy are legal and intended.

I’m not sure what you’d like them to do.


It is allowed by CCP, and players are allowed to do what they enjoy as long as it falls under the EULA.


Yes that is Kusion and that is what he does, lots of Elite PVP

PVP is fun yes :), and what makes you think he is botting ? multiboxing is not botting.

It seems to be interesting enough that kusion has dedicated over 20 accounts to doing it. also multiboxing over 20 accounts to scout gank and loot with many folk actively trying to ruin his day (spoilers…they fail) actually takes a lot of skill. I think you will find this out if only you were good enough to do it.

of course not :slight_smile:

he loses his ships each gank as well as security status, that sounds like a consequence to me


I find the level of skill very interesting actually.

So much that I imagine Im the cat and Kusion’s “Command Catalyst” is the bottle


Look the dude up on twitch. He is not botting in any form. He manually sends every command on all of those catalysts.

Quite impressive honestly.


A few suggestions to solve this “problem”.

  1. (Hard) get a bunch of guys together and blast him
  2. (Semi-Hard) find a way around him.
  3. (Easy) complain about it.

Frankly, I think his playstyle is dumb and boring, but it’s his game and his isk/money.


Right… I don’t know why I expected anything but meme responses on a forum.
If that’s the game everyone wants to play, have fun with it I guess.
Also, there’s nothing “manual” about his fleet. I’ve watched it in action.

Bans should be handed out to people using third party software and macros, like the EULA says.

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You obviously did not watch his videos.


I am going to go out on a limb and suggest you have never been in a fleet before, fleets have many nifty features available to the fleet commander look them up.


It is all manual. He’s been reported over and over and over, and CCP have investigated.

There was an interview with him a while back and it’s worth the time to watch. He’s just a normal player that has his playstyle, like we all do:


Consequences from who?
From you? What’s stopping you from fighting back against him?
From CCP? What rule did he break that would give rise to consequences?


Kusion is a legend mate. He streams and its quite impressive to watch.


Next people will accuse me of being in a corp composed only of alts just cos we’re family.

They aint nothin like Billy n me cos

All I wanna do, is have some fun


Everyone gave you the honest truth.

There is nothing wrong with having multiple accounts.

There is nothing wrong with using those multiple accounts to do something.

Kusion does not bot or use third party software.

These are all facts, not memes.

Either come back with facts of your own, or admit you are just angry that someone ganked you in your expensive ship.

They should. And you are free to report Kusion for using them. Do you honestly think you would be the first? He has been investigated, and found not guilty, because he doesnt use third party software.


log: -you killed unnamed freighter
- level up to elite pvper granted

Whether individually, someone thinks ganking freighters is elite or not, there is definitely something skillful in the way he goes about it.

Not too many players that can so effectively multibox 20 accounts (plus scouts and looters), that people think he must be a machine.

That’s on a whole different level of skill to most of us.


I agree coordinating 20 ships is skillfull, just not killing freighters and miners counting as “elite PvP”

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It can be considered elite PVP. What other section of the game do you have only 20 seconds to kill your target or face being annihilated?


a maximum of 20 seconds , usually a lot less.