War decs should cost 10m additional isk for each outgoing war

CCP could make all of high sec 100% safe and players would still complain about being locked out of content in low, null, and wormholes by gankers and PvP’ers…


I was friends with a PvP group, which consisted of 30 players which had been doing PvP for 5 years in a row,every day.These 30 humans are now all gone from the game.|t was the most hardcore type of players you can imagine,they got tired of the game.These guys loved the game to bits,but after doing the same again and again and again they had enough of it.

Whatever the reasons where for these players to quit and never come back, it had a snowball effect.
One of the reasons they left was that more and more accounts,friends,quit the game.

What I want to point out is that perhaps someday loosing 20% to 30% of game accounts can have a major impact on to other players. I don`t want to say that the game is dying, but it is important trying to get people in to the game and to always give them a reason to log back in and do stuff, even if its only sometimes.

There is lots of games on the market which fight for market share,
so the various successful companies do come up with new things and ways to keep people in a game.

If a certain change is good or bad can often only be analyzed in hindsight.
So to experiment with changes is surely a good way to go.
Some will like certain changes,others not.
Catering for all players does not necessary mean to remove existing game content and mechanics.

The issue here is content and lack thereof. Let’s say you’re in a small group 5-10 players or even solo multiboxing a fleet… Since wars are now structure centered the potential for daily content is incredibly barren.

Back in 2013 when I was doing solo and small group wars we’d keep 5-10 wars and we would use a combination of the watchlist and locator agents to hunt, stalk, and setup traps for targets. Wars felt infinitely more healthy back then.

I don’t mind the structure meta as long as it’d result in the same kind of opportunities for daily content without having to blanket dec all of eve online. If you look at the Pirat killboard you’ll see that if we didn’t blanket dec the mega null blocs then there’s be no reason to login apart from when the timer board says it’s time to get into a Rattlesnake / Leshak fleet to bash an empty home.

Lol I know I’m a monster but I have a soft side at times. What’s neat is to have a target mail me and ask how I did X, Y, and Z. I totally don’t mind sharing trade secrets and giving advice. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and who knows maybe later down the line he will be the newest member of Pirat.

Pretty sure we have like 90% of Nullsec war dec’d. Is it our fault that Highsec isn’t home to many other PvP groups?

It’s not a manual, although one could be written in sure… it’s like a series of google searches that you can indulge in while on break at work, riding public transportation, being quarantined at home from all this Coronavirus madness, and/or whenever. There’s a lot to this game and I would never expect CCP to be able to teach us through any amount of UI elements. It’d be constant and overwhelming lol.

An official CCP EVE Online manual would be the size of the New York City phone book, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…


I’d just like to add wars have been around from the beginning of EVE, during its rising days, its plateu and its last korean overlord agony.

I lost my very first ship in EVE due to wars when i was in a null sec alliance. And then, i would continue losing my first battleship the same way.

Both times, i took to the forums to propose game changes…oh, no wait…at some point i got better - just a little bit - and decided to learn the game.

The more you nerf wars, the more you reduce the content pool, the more you promote consolidation to optimize resources and targets.

I can’t really see any more room for nerf anyway, except limitig wars to structure. Good luck with that.

741 posts?


Create alt and 1 man corp, give structure to alt corp, play house.



No, it’s a good thing. The point you keep failing to understand is that games succeed by identifying their target market and securing it, not by trying to appeal to every possible customer. You can’t make everyone happy at once and trying is just a guarantee that you appeal to nobody.


Nope, exactly the opposite. You claimed we didn’t have to climb the greasy pole back then. I say differently, it was what I experienced as a rookie. Are we now going to discuss how much grease there was on the pole ? You are not going to convince me, and neither am I going to guide you to different insights. That would be a futile effort, given that you deny almost everything anybody else writes from experience. That is also why this thread goes on and on.

No, it’s an attitude, and even a healthy one for a rookie, allowed by the game (although some argue about not allowing alpha rookies to attack in hisec, see some other thread). Every fight is just a fight, even an unwinnable one, you just need to learn when to avoid and how.
And veterans “exploiting” advantages they have, is there any kind of player in EvE who does not use the advantages he/she has ? I have to do my darndest if I want to mine some ice (still flying barges) and I’m up against the “specialists veterans”. You make it sound like wardec’ing is tantamount to griefing, and maybe want to see it reduced to the same sorry state that bounty hunting is in ? Yes, there are other people in the game playing their way. No, you can’t have it only your way.

I’d like to see those stats, how they were collected and generated. Why ? Because I’ve heard differently and would like to know who’s wrong or right. Without a link it’s just a claim you make.

The “other kind” may be more vocal and faster on the trigger. Shots are fired when the thread degrades into endless droning, highly controversial or even plain wrong view points. Some posters just don’t get the message that the horse is already dead, the record is broken and the rest of the thread is as interesting as red dots.

Good companies create their markets, sir, by offering innovative products and with the help of good advertising. It’s no use to try to compete with fastfood & co if you’re specialized in cuisine. Indeed, many games are far more accessible than EvE, but people don’t continue to play those for very long. The ones that stay here are typically those that love complexity and serious challenges. Take away EvE’s learning curve and it will go flatline.

There’s plenty of proof on camera how he does it, there is no automation involved. The guy is well organized and has a talent. Kudos to him. That thread is not the first where his name is mentioned. If people are convinced he’s botting they can report him. Team Security will look into it (they probably already have because he’s notoriously efficient with his spectacular actions and must have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way).

When I suspect he’s online in that system I simply avoid going through that system. How predictable does it have to be to avoid it ?

I find the smart bombing interesting in that thread.
A new player in the game told me that he thinks that the game is bugged,
he mentioned that every time he leaves a station in highsec his ship currently explodes.
He was very angry about it and said he likes the game but the game bugs stress him out.

I asked him to send me the kill mails, they revealed that everytime he left the station he was smartbomb ganked.

It would have to be after he’s warped away from the station because you can’t activate smart bombs within a certain range (can’t remember the #) of a station. Could it be his security standing is too low and Facpo is getting him?

Yeah, distance stuff with structures vs smartbombs.

The question is:
Wouldnt it be helpful for the player to be introduced to all the common ganks when he starts playing the game ?

You are only safe in the game when

1.) In a station
2.) When a station tether icon and a repair beam symbol is visible on your screen
3.) Show some movies of all the common ganks of the game to the player as introduction

Isn’t such gank information the most valuable info in this game ?

Recently I got howitzered for docking 0.1 seconds to late arriving at a 1.0 highsec station,arriving manually & super speedy in a Malediction ( without set bookmarks ).
Sure, well done by the ganker. The result is that I now only do station trading, no more highsec hauling - As the isk ratio is better for me and I leave it to Counterstrike Quake players to be sharp in every second in high sec. I avoid unnecessary gank hassle in high sec, I find it tedious. So it makes me and average others skip and avoid certain gameplay undertakings and participation in highsec.

In my opinion risk should be in low and nullsec. However, I do understand that people enjoy risk everywhere in the game. Perhaps we could also play Doom in the station against each other, but I would also make that optional - I would not force it on to every highsec station visitor, to be forced to battle PvP inside highsec stations at any given moment.

When miners say they just like to crunch in peace at rocks, I do understand that.

Yes, it’s possible to haul being supersharp on the feet in every second in highsec.
Do I want to play like that in high sec ? No. For PvP, low/nullsec its ok for me to be sharp, but in highsec I find this kind of stuff just a hassle.
There is lots of players which just want to relax after a hard day, all this ganking in highsec puts some people off.

Are the various ways to gank players in high sec
( including war declarations affecting high sec territory )
beneficial for the average player base, that’s the question ?

My answer is no, others may disagree.
Nonetheless I wish everyone a nice time in the game :heart_eyes:

BTW Call of Duty PvP in Lowsec & 0.0 Stations would be really cool.
CCP doesnt even have to develop that and fail on it again.
Infinity Ward can do CoD station battles for CCP, just booting up another exe running parallel to EvE, exchanging very little character data - Mainly being a licence deal :yum:

So he wasnt reading the KMs?

yes yes – no no – yes yes – no no. It ends here, we have no common grounds at all in the discussion and some of your comments border on the ad hominem. Maybe I touched a nerve somehow somewhere ? Dismissing what other posters have written from personal experience is not particularly diplomatic or constructive and may lead to flaming and insults, which you would complain about.

Your views on alpha accounts are well known from the other thread, and so are mine. Again we are on totally opposite sides. Reporting potential abuses is not extreme enough a measure for you, you want the potential abuse eradicated. Cui bono ? The poor eternal helpless victim ? Some people will remain victims and stand no chance at all in New Eden.

Why don’t you, with all your years of experience in EvE actually reach out to new players and help them survive ? Have fun with your next, inevitable reply.



The idea of playing doom in stations sounds fun.Buying the BFG9000 in the store for 9dollars will save the game from extinction plus pink permant unicorn weapon skin for 2.99

Because is making the game boring and dull for the receiver. Why you kill the feeling of discovery?

In any case, they very rarely ask for advice.
When they do, i am ready to answer any question.
But it’s like once every 6 months.

I started PvP for real 1 year after being in 0.0. I moved to Privateers (once the main war group) with some friends. First day, i went to camp Jita in a tristan. A then ROADKILL. guy undocked a t1 frigate, we brawled and i lost. I convoed him to ask for advice. Another 2 agreed 1v1 were the result, another two losses. The guy had a ton of good advice, he spent an hour one me, and i realized a lot about how to fit a ship. Yes, it took me 1 year to start understanding pvp in the game and i learnt it in empire rather than 0.0. And it applied well to 0.0 too afterwards. I will rememebr forever the ROADKILL. alliance for this, unfortunately i didn’t memo the name of the guy.

The point is, i started the convo. I wasn’t reached out if not by PvP and a loss.

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I wasn’t, honestly. I was suggesting to him that his (rightful) concern about retention could be used for better things than endless posting. And even with some early help there is more to know about EvE than any veteran has experienced, so no spoilers there.

P.S. The way you handled your first pvp experiences and tried to learn the ropes is commendable! That is exactly what vets tell rookies to do. Some do it by nature, no help from vets needed there :wink:

But back on topic, a 10M additional isk per wardec is not a solution.

Sorry, but I have to disagree. Most people complaining here that they can use their min/max farming setups in perfect safety are old farts and long time players that simply use “for the newbs!” as an excuse to ask for changes in their own favor.


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