War decs should cost 10m additional isk for each outgoing war

It should cost 10m additional isk for each extra war you declare. This means if you want to declare 100 wars you’ll be paying 1.1 billion isk per war at that point. Choosing to join another war as an ally will count as an active war.

Why? Because the reason that wars were made to require structures before was because hisec wars are driving players from the game. Since that change, the aforementioned 4 or 5 merc groups who initiate the bulk of hisec wars have merged into a single alliance, where they continue as they were before.

The intent it to cut back on spamming of war decs on hundreds of corps by certain hisec war dec alliances.

Additionally, the cost of declaring war should scale with the number of people in the war dec corp/alliance. The more members in the corp, the higher the base cost of declaring war. It makes no sense that 1000 player corps pay the same bill for war as a 5 man corp. It encourages war deccers to band together into mega coalitions, such as what happened with the old merc corps, they all merged into PIRAT.

With such a large amount of members, there is surely no problem in them paying higher fees for declaring war? To prevent players from leaving and rejoining to circumvent it, the war fee would be based on the average number of plays in the corp for the past 30 days.


This is discussed further down the thread. To discourage mercs all bandwagoning into one alliance, the war dec fee structure should be changed so that declaring war becomes less isk efficient as player numbers in the corp or alliance increase. The very best isk efficiency would be had to declare war as a small corp. Wars would get more expensive to declare as membership goes up. This should also reduce the instances of alliances or large corps picking on small corps without a very good reason, because the fee will not be worth it.

These combined changes would see wars becoming very expensive and highly cost inefficient for a 500 man corp or alliance to declare and maintain a hundred wars at a time. The exact combination of costs would have to be figured out. But I do think it seems like a good idea to have war costs linked to membership numbers of the corp or alliance that declares war. Because that removes the financial incentive for all the elite pvp mercs to bandwagon into a single alliance.


Name and shame or some other citation plox

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CCP said before that empire war decs have been having a negative on effect on subscriber numbers, and that it was largely the same groups behind the vast majority of it.

Those groups have since merged, and now continue as they were before.


Do you have names and citations or dont you?

Look if youve just been decced and are salty about it, the classy thing would be to lead with this.

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Pirat, Vendetta, Marmite etc. They merged and continue as they were before, marauding smaller corps with mass hisec war decs. Which is the thing CCP said was costing them players.

If you arent going to provide a citation, and havent taken the precautions to reduce the decs to irrelevancy, then those who come after me will be somewhat harsher in their criticism of your post.

CCP Larrikin, a data scientist working on EVE Online, disclosed a shocking piece of data to the CSM regarding player-run corporations that find themselves as the target of a war. These corporations show a massive decline in player activity almost immediately, that does not regenerate once the war is finished.

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Wow highly biased article but ok.

So… Rather than taking precautions to limit dec damage… what? Just ban wardecs?

Just don’t put up a structure and then you can’t get a war dec against you. CCP already caved into whiners and made it ultra easy to avoid wars. They already increased costs a lot nerfed the watch list etc. It’s no wonder all the small war corps folded and merged into a larger one. Then you still whine.

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The war decs corps merged into one so they can continue as before, with mass war decs. Just look at their alliance stats. They maraud single players and small corps with overwhelming force and rarely ever lose a ship. What CCP said was costing them players before, has not changed.

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And do you know what CCP did? They made it so that your corp is immune to wars by default. You can form a corp, as large as you want, and unless you opt-in to wars by deploying a structure, you don’t have to worry at all about them.

You can even deploy that structure if you want - just do it in an alt-corp and use the ACL to share access to you corp.

Please. Wars are done. They have been nerfed into oblivion and are irrelevant. Put the ‘just one more nerf and wars will all be perfect balanced’ lie to bed. You already won.


Oh I see. So don’t use basic toys such as having a structure for your corp or you’ll be marauded by the hisec war dec coalition.

Change it so people must pay +10m isk per extra active war they are involved in. That’ll cut down on the number of war decs they issue against small player number and low value corps.

If a single player or small corp puts up a structure and can’t defend it or their corp that’s their own stupidity. They don’t have to put up a structure they choose to. Structures are not noob assets.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t anchor what you can’t defend.


I think this would be reasonable if the first war cost 10 million to declare. Then you would incentivize small, targeted war decs, while still allowing large and rich corps to fight as many wars as they needed to. This would also mean each war they fought had to be economically viable so they couldn’t just keep harassing small corps.


If a small corp puts up a structure and can’t defend against the hi-sec mega war dec coalition of 500 rich veteran mercs they are stupid. Got it.

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Yup they are stupid. They can use NPC stations and avoid wars completely.

If it was deemed a good idea to reduce the first war cost to 10m and then each war 10m more, that would be ok. But it’s up to CCP if they want the first few wars to be so cheap. I’d just leave it at 100m for the first war and add 10m more for each additional active war.

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I see, so small corps in hisec are not allowed to have structures or the mega hisec war dec coalition will destroy them and call them stupid. I’m sure that’s fun for players.

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They choose to have a structure (that they don’t actually need to play) and with that comes the possibility of war. They choose war so they can’t complain when war comes.


Right. I’m sure the average newer player in a small corp who has placed their structure sees themselves as having chosen war. Makes much sense. They’ll love it when the mega hisec wardec coalition comes for them then.