How to solve the problem of mega sized merc alliances war deccing everyone in hi-sec

Make it again so that the more wars you have initiated or willingly joined in to, the more it costs to declare new ones. If you’ve got a hundred wars it should cost billions to declare more wars. It’s bad enough that the two biggest merc alliances merged in response to the recent war changes.

This should I hope severely limit the abuse which is driving players from the game.

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I think they’ve made their decision.

If you want smaller groups deccing people you want it to be easier to start wardecs, not harder.

Putting up costs only encourages further consolidation of deccers.


I see wormhole space becoming popular? High sec pvp appears to be dead. It was abused by people and we go pure nerf bat in high security space now.
It’s unfortunate but I supppose every game has it’s time.
When the rush of killing others goes away, it doesn’t matter.

No , it would be more expensive if you decc multiple wars, but small groups should be fine while deccing 1-2 wars


Is this really a problem though?

Your corporation is given a big warning that you will become war-dec eligible if you anchor a structure. If you’re not ready to participate in that, you should think twice about anchoring a structure on your own.


The abuse that drives people of out EVE are null sec blocks blobbing everything to death.

They joined forces because CCP forced them to with the latest changes to wars. CCP is only interested in blobbing and zerging and not at all good use cases.

Furthermore, what you want is for big groups be even more immune to wars and a sliver of risk in high sec. It is already ridiculously expensive to war dec these groups and you want to make it even more expensive. That goes against anything EVE needs. Wars need to be cheaper against large groups, not more expensive. Your suggestion is just as stupid as the current cost structure that has prevailed for nearly a decade.

mega sized merc alliances

PIRAT are 511 characters. Wrecking Machine are 370 characters. This is mega? There are high sec PVE groups with well over 2500 characters, like Fly Fearless or Strategic Mining and Development Group. This is mega.

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Is this guy the first?
… and who was the first to predict that such a guy would inevitably show up?

Tell you what, there is no abuse. When you drop a structure, you gain responsibilities and are subject to certain dangers. These dangers can even be almost completely avoided, and you’re an asshole for posting this thread.

There is no abuse. It’s working as intended.

You’re the one who wants to abuse the system by not taking responsibility.

You’re the one who doesn’t care about the structure spam.

You’re the one who ignores that the mercs are doing exactly as CCP intended them to do, as it was predicted and told to CCP. CCP knew how this would work out ever since the watchlist changes and wanted things to happen exactly as they worked out, otherwise they would have given a ■■■■ about implementing a better system!

It’s working as intended and you’re a bad person for posting this. Worst, you use the “drives players away from the game” card, which doesn’t work anymore.

ESPECIALLY because the players who drop a structure KNOW they can be wardecced, which means they ACCEPT that they can be wardecced, which means that anyone being enough of a self entitled dumbduck to drop a structure without caring about the consequences DESERVES to get his ass handed to him and if his own bad decision makes him leave, then good ■■■■■■■ riddance!

edit: censored myself.


People are getting rather heated over this issue. Get out your mining gear if you like high sec because that’s the only usefulness I see?

People are getting worked up because dumb other people suggest things without knowing even a tiny little bit about what they write. Like yourself when you write that high sec has no use beyond mining. So much denseness is rather vexing.


As usual, the knee-jerk reaction trolls are responding to something other than what was suggested.

The OP didn’t advocate making a wardec more expensive. The OP didn’t advocate anything regarding bigger or smaller groups.

The OP advocated a sliding scale of new wardec costs based on how many wardecs you already have going.

This could actually make it cheaper for smaller corps to wardec, as a sliding scale could start out cheaper than the current cost. It makes it harder/more expensive only for groups that engage in ‘declaring multiple ongoing wars at once’. Which is basically, targeted directly at the large, wardec-abusing groups.

This is a specific, targeted change at a current problem, which has been well highlighted in other threads.

Please read what people say, before you start typing blindly in response to your usual trigger topics.


If you read my previous tweet? You’d know that wardec changes mean nothing to me. Eve Toronto BE THERE! How do I get fallout 4 to display at 3440x1440 I forget?

Which makes wars more expensive. You need to war dec a ton of alliances and just by dropping useless 1 man alt corps from these huge alliances, you can make war cost explode for the attackers in high sec. Which is, by the way, a tactic that goons and init recently employed a lot. They dropped tons of corps from their alliances or shuffled them around between their alt alliances, which created a ton of wars.

What abuse? If you put a structure in space, you are being presented with lots of warnings that people will target you. If you do not want that to happen, you just don’t use a structure. Where is the abuse?

And that is exactly the problem. You need to have all the big blocks under constant war decs in order to put a tiny little dent into their affairs. That would already take up all the slots for “cheap” wars and make other, more targeted efforts, for instance assists or contracts, more expensive.

You have no idea what you are talking about and yet you accuse others of “knee jerk reactions”. Speak for yourself.

You may be right. I don’t war dec, because the practice is useless to me. I just read up on the changes and response threads to stay informed.

Please relieve my ignorance, and explain to me why a small corp (or anyone really) 'needs to war dec a ‘ton of alliances and 1 man alt corps’. Concurrently.

Why complain about the past? Time to plan for the future, you’re not convincing CCP to change unless they tank, even then.
Don’t they get some money just for operating in Iceland? No big dealio either way. State IT company or some crap? Martini shaken or stirred by the barrel?

Targets? With the recent changes to wars and structures, you just outsource your structures to a useless 1 man alt corp while your 2500 PVE buddies remain untouchable by a war but still enjoy all the benefits of the structure.
And “a ton of alliances” is inherent because null sec blobs consist of a ton of alliances. Just CFC is at the least 8 alliances that directly provide target rich opportunities. TEST is another 10 or so. The northern groups are also anywhere from 5-10 individual alliances. All these groups should be under constant wars and would drive up the cost under this suggestion into unfeasible heights.

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You seem to be speaking as a member of Pandemic Legion, who apparently feels “a need to have” wardecs out on ‘all’ the big blocks and every 1-man corp they can drop. Which, you know, is completely out of touch with the OPs post and the stated intent to make wardecs cheaper for small corps.

Get those knees tested.

Also, you are assuming that the process would make it horrendously more expensive for even the big wardec declarers. A sliding scale that went:

1 War - 20 million per
2 War - 40 million per
3-5 Wars - 70 million per
6-10 Wars - 100 million per
11+ wars - 150 million per (or 200, whatever)

Would greatly benefit small/one-off wars, and only mildly inconvenience the groups that treat ‘wardeccing everyone’ as a ‘need’.

(Although yes I agree that the OPs statement that new wars should cost ‘billions’ at some point is unreasonable and unworkable.)

I speak as someone who wants to see all the null sec blocks under continuous war in high sec.

Goes to show that you do not have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Let me illuminate your ignorance:

A few months ago, INIT attacked us among other things in low sec. In the process, we decided to war dec them because it would be cheaper for us in the long run than having to constantly repair our sec status due to low sec structure attacks. During this period, CONDI and other related alliances also chimed in on the war. During this entire time, both major alliances started to shed 1 man corps, which created a myriad of new wars. Since we declared war on INIT and corps left INIT, we also automatically declared war on these leaving corps, which in turn would lead to massive cost under such a sliding scheme without the attacker being able to do anything against it.

Or in other words: My knees are perfectly fine to jump up and hurt.

I assume that because anything else would be useless. It has to be expensive otherwise it would not have the deterring effect that the OP sees.

Instead of such a useless sliding scale on number of wars, which is easily and actually abusable, as demonstrated above, war cost should be dependent on the number of chars involved and it should be overall reversed: Instead of making wars more expensive the larger the target is, it should be the cheaper the bigger the target is. Furthermore, huge blobs should pay more to declare war against smaller groups (the following numbers are only for the sake of illustration):

If a 1000 chars strong group attacks a 10 chars strong group, they should pay 1B ISK
If a 10 chars strong group attacks a 1000 chars strong group, they should pay 10M ISK.
If a 1000 chars group alliance attacks a 1000 chars strong group, they pay 500M ISK.
If a 10 chars strong group declares war against a 10 chars strong group, they pay 10M ISK.
Taking risks against the odds should be rewarded, not punished.


I was recently decced by PIRAT, I reached out to many of the other groups that were also decced at the same time to see if they would join me in attacking their hq, haven’t heard anything from them…

Maybe if people actually were willing to fight in game half as much as they do in the forums they would be better off.

People who would help are gone.