War Dec system idea thread continues

So kids, that thread got closed and I read some interesting ideas which I would like us all to explore further.

I have agree that the system at the moment is rather silly if it costs so little for a huge alliance like goonswarm to war dec a teeny tiny indy corp of like 5 people for example .

I think the idea that if the two corps/alliances are around the same membership count , then the war dec will be fairly cheap . But if one side has huge numbers and the other does not , then the cost should sky rocket , This would add a reasonable cost/risk to the attackers. It could allow mercs to have a better role , mercs corps aren’t usually very big so it would be more cost effective for a merc corp to be hired to take out a small entity then the huge alliance directly . Just a idea , discuss further


reversing the current cost scaling is something literally no one disagrees with.

we have brought this to the csm before , no movement yet and its unlikely unless the whole system is getting redone.

but yes, good boy
pats op on the head

Edit : here is a round table we had last year with some of the current csm’s if you fancy the topic further.


One issue would be players who create corps that purposely defeat the system such as one-man corps who own all the Keepstars and minor organizations who create a huge number of free alts to push their numbers in between the medium sized merc organizations and large alliance to minimize their War Dec exposure.

(ISD) I think topic should be moved to F&I

Move it to one of those CSM places, then even less will see it. :wink:

I think war decs are the least of you’re problems if you own a keepstar.

But the alt corps is a interesting problem , I think small merc corps would again be able to help in this problem , as I said earlier , It would be cost effective to use them in this regard.

true, in the same vein though, cost scaling is one of the least of the issues with the war system.

What would be the biggest problem in you’re opinion ?

not to be rude but, im not having this discussion again, watch the video i linked.

How Wude

The problem is that once you have been here long enough it starts to feel like F&I Groundhog Day.


Here is a thread from Raz detailing many of our grievances with the current state of war’s that was fairly well received by the other mercenaries.

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What about allies? I Dec your 1 man corp with my 1 man corp so costs are equal. I then accept a giant merc’s offer to help for the lump sum of 1 isk. Now we’ve circumvented the cost change.

Im listening to the roundtable yea… this is nice. thanks for sharing that video link. :slight_smile:

oh lay off him,
hes thinking in the right direction.

the idea that big alliances and corps that have both the man power and the resources to defend themselves also cost more to attack than a small inherently less able one is arse backward

That’s not how it works. You would have to be decced to recruit allies, not be the aggressor.

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I thought aggressors could get one ally but that is not the only way to work the system.

I Dec your one man corp, them once the war goes live, I join my corp to an alliance, bringing the war with me. Same end result.

Rather then focusing on wardec pricing, what if there was a hard limit to the number of unaccepted wardecs each corp and alliance can have? With the current system it seems like half the corps/alliances wardec the other half in the hope of getting kills and maybe tears. For the most part though it’s completely impersonal and “just business”. I think by limiting wardecs, then wars are more likely to happen because of more personal reasons such as ideology, invasion, or the fact the other corp is goons. (c; It would also very much limit the situation of mega-corps and alliances declaring war on a small bunch of newbies unless the small bunch of newbies are very, very, stupid.

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well perhaps this in addition to a sliding scale fee for the wardecs… based on various factors still yet undetermined?
Is a good idea.

Interesting proposal have you tried this? I should mention I don’t think cost should be the limiting factor. I think a limit on decs would be a better response. The idea that it should be more expensive to dec smaller groups is ubsurd, for the reasons you present and more.

bringbackthewatchlistaswell… sorry i was just clearing my throat.