Explain WarDec costs for me?

Wardec costs are $100mil per week to declare against a Corp? that’s IT?

Then anyone can join in an alliance and it’s a free for all?

How has this NOT been abused yet?

Do alliance members have to pay fees too?

Do you owe 100mil per week per corp in alliance?


Do corps have to have a fixed structure to join the alliance?

Both parties in a war must have a structure in highsec. Historically, most wars involve a PVP group attacking a PVE/Industrial group looking for cheap kills. A PVE/Industrial corp can now avoid wars by not owning a structure.

If two PVP groups want to fight they can declare mutual war - it’s free.

Yes. But what about the alliances?

You pay 100mil isk to declare war. Your opponent adds alliance corps to war.

Do those corps also have to have structure in high sec?

Does the attacker in non mutual have to pay 100mil isk for each corp in defending alliance of a non mutual?

The defender can invite allies. I don’t know if they need to have a structure - probably in the devblog somewhere. The attackers cost is a flat rate - doesn’t matter is they are attacking a one man corp or a 15,000 person alliance like Goonswarm.

The dev blogs were not clear.

They only say it costs $100mil a week to declare a non-mutual war against a corp.

After that they are vague…

What prevents a goon swarm from just paying a flat rate in a common pool making it worth pennies?

Basically why even have an entry fee at all anymore?

Here are the stats for P I R A T. At 100 mill each per week it adds up!

There are some nuances regarding POSes in relation to mutual wars, alliance warfare, and FW. You might find this thread, where we discuss the old and new system, helpful. WarDec System Change Failure

It only adds up if the alliance also has to pay to be in the alliance. Otherwise Just say we are at war with these fools. Join our alliance for 10mil a week

If you declare war you pay CONCORD to look the other way. There is no other cost imposed by the game - only losses created by player interaction. Historically, the defender basically took the week off and there were no losses on either side. Not sure how the new system is working out.

Why dont CCP stop being dks about it then and just get rid of High Sec

70% of players live in highsec. That’s a lot of income you’re asking CCP to throw away.

Not quite right. To be war elligible, Corps/Alliances have to have a structure and that can be anywhere, including not only highsec, but also low, null and WH.

However, to wardec, a Corp/Alliance must have a relevant Upwell structure in highsec.

I was being facetious but basically there is no highsec if someone just organizes an alliance whose purpose is to just give free access to -10s to HS…then everyone just pays money. And you just declare war based on a fee.

sigh…did you get the thing about doing some reading about eve before walking into a meatgrinder? If all you needed to know could be imparted in forum posts, you’d be a master in no time.
At what? Not sure.


What happens if a null corp with low security standing gets transferred a structure in high sec so they can participate

You can just opt-out of wars now. They have been completely neutered, even more the mostly-castrated state they were in before. Just don’t deploy a structure, or if you must, use an alt corp and the ACL to keep yourself from being a target.

Wars are really only useful for attacking highsec structures now, and 100M ISK seems like a steep price for that given how unrewarding and tedious it is to kill an Upwell structure. I’m not sure exactly what you are so outraged about.

Login and look at the mechanics, or go read.

Corporations have to set themselves to be able to accept transfers, otherwise it isn’t possible to transfer a structure to a Corp.

By opt out do you mean you cant be declared against at all?

Yes. You are immune from wars if you don’t have a structure in space.