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As a new solo player that made her own corp , to start a high sec war, I assume I would need to have a structure and mark it as my HQ, then would need to war dec an alliance due to the difficulty of finding a corp brave enough to have a structure.

But, wont the alliance I war dec just smash my structure making me lose the 600 mill or so for it?

Depends. They might or allies might do it.

You can always test the water by going after a 1 man corp raitaru and see what pops out of the woodwork.

It is the dice you role these days as a solo wardeccer. As you might just find out that 1 man corp is alt to much larger group.

Probably a waste of 100 mill as will just be a placeholder alt.

Well give it a go.

See what happens. Remember, you still need a core for the structure as well.

But also expect loot thieves. There are groups of people, especially on older structures that just go around and loot cores and items that drop.

Solo wardecs, like most highsec pvp, have been nerfed into oblivion.

You have to put a Raitaru war HQ in space for around 1.5bil (with core and 1 service mod + fuel for the extra timer) just to get started, then pay 100mil for each dec. That’s the easy part.

Hard part is finding wartargets and not wasting the 100mil. Only about 10% of highsec corp/alliances are war eligible. And most have already been wardecced multiple times by the larger ‘hub humping’ blanket wardec corps, making them somewhat experienced at avoidance.

Once the dec is live, how do you hunt wartargets without knowing they are online? No watchlist means you are chasing ghosts. Can be done, but prepare to spend hours jumping around for nothing.

Much easier to join a blanket wardec corp and share costs, defend structures and camp hubs/pipes.

And ofc most wardeccable corp/alliances can bash your Raitaru (if they can be bothered), so your structure is a write-off.

Was hoping that I could hunt players of my level solo but it does seem like a waste of time so joined a small null sec pvp corp instead.

Just buy a POS and anchor it, you are now war eligible, small POS won’t be very expensive at all.

You can only initiate wars with Upwell structures. A POS will only flag your corp as war eligible so other corps can choose to wardec you.

In order to declare an aggressive war, the attacking side must now designate a specific Upwell Structure that they own somewhere in highsec space as the “War Headquarters” for that war.

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