Highsec wars

High sec wars seems to be a forgotten thing in EVE. As I see it its one of the only ways you, as a small corp/alliance have any chance on hitting the big bloks on their economy. With the new Expansion and the new use of upwell structures, i suggest that the war system should be changed…

One way to do it could be;
If you wanna use player-owned structures, you corp/alliance will be a able target. your corp/alliance can change this setting 1 time each year.

My reason for this change are;
Right now your alts are in a corp with no structures… but you can still use every bonus to building/reaseach/reprossesing/live in null space/live in WH’s… then you can take your loot, mins, materials, and go to jita with about zero risk (I know there is always a risk of being ganked)

All in all you get all the bonuses with zero risk.

If you live in High and mine/rat or whatever… you have the option of useing the PVE stations… no risk/no reward.

As of now the biggest corps in eve cant be decced… and they all live in null… help defend SOV… and haul in high…

What? Structures arent changing if you are referring to like fortizars etc.

If you want to mess with alliance large scale logistics there is a much easier way to mess with them.

Ban cynos from low sec.

Not that I ever liked the current wardec system.

Personally I think the previous system was not that bad except that the cost distribution was the wrong way around.

Should have been:

Small group wardecs large group == cheap war,
Large group wardecs small group == high cost of declaring war,

Add the amount of ppl the target corp is already at war with into the calculation in order to prevent large groups to pile on them by splitting up in small groups for cheap wars and you have a system I would be happy with.

To put it in an easy formula:

x = Number of ppl in attacking corp
y = Number of ppl already at war with attacking corp
b = Base fee
z = Number of ppl in target corp
c = Cost of war declaration

((x + y) / z) * b = c

or if you want an exponential cost increase with e = exponent

((x+y) / z) ^e * b = c


if c < b → c == b

I would have been happy with that.

I just think its wrong you have 50% of the people in a sandbox game, who are “safe” even they are doing the same as the other 50 %…

Its a bad system.

The reason why starting a High Sec corporation along with putting up any type of High Sec structure is Null Block; they want everything for theirselves. So, they come into High Sec, own the Incursions and FW and other events while employing gankers to harass targets traveling from Jita to Amarr mostly. Jita wants to keep its status of the number one trade hub. The only way for Jita to do that is to gank as many freighters heading away from Jita to Amarr.

Gods save us from people making suggestions when they’ve no effing clue as to the history of EvE, and how wars used to work. All they see is the problem in the current system and utterly fail to grasp how bad things used to be.

Please educate yourself before making future bad suggestions.

Did you miss today’s dose of your anti-psychotic? Jita is now some great EvE conspiracy? Do you even proofread before you post this garbage?

You still peaked at scissoring. Too bad the archives stop just before that wonderful post. :rofl:


And thats the reason why CCP added the ignore comments on a permanent basis.

Yeah, but everyone else gets to see me point out your ridiculous past, not that anyone takes you seriously anyway. The only reason I never ignored you is you’re part of the entertainment this game provides.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll tell you all about Dryson’s “Scissoring” anti-gank method, since he’s suddenly shy about it. :rofl: