Change to WarDec cost to make sense

To wardec another corp/alliance all you need is to have a structure and pay 100 million isk. A Athanor Upwell Quantum Core runs for around 700,000,000 isk.

What is the downside for a alliances to wardec small corps trying to build up their corp and hold a structure when the profit is 600,000,000 isk?

There are known alliances that wardec corps/alliances just to blow up the structure and get the core with no way for the small corp to keep up against these massive alliances. It seems the entire system is abused heavily by griefers.

Wouldn’t a wardec increase make sense?

If a corp/alliance had to pay 1 billion they wouldn’t pay that just to pick on those with a single structure simply to get the core. Instead the wardec would make sense especially in terms of the universe as anyone who was attacked would eventually complain so much to CONCORD that an internal investigation would occur and show the payoff, in terms of RP and story.

If a corp were to put down a larger structure or multiple athanors then the profit is still there, but it would allow smaller corps/alliances to at least establish some sort of structure and dissuade griefers from abusing the system. I also believe this would also help in the terms of wardec’ing simply to make attacks at trade hubs “legal”.

Kill one of their multi billion isk fit battleships doing the structure bash. That’s the downside, all you have to do is get one kill and not lose anything.

No. CCP does not want smaller groups to have Citadels unless they join or pay the bigger groups for “protection”. Else they wouldn’t have designed Citadels the way they have.

I see no reason CCP should in any way whatsoever assist large alliances in a game that so heavily favours n+1.

On the other hand, I SUPER miss the days of 2 million war dec’s.

Well I believe the cost of a the bigger citadels is above a billion so the cost of wardec would be justified as it would be profitable wouldn’t it?
I’m not saying upwells should go up everywhere but a single refining structure couldn’t hurt. Maybe not one billion but maybe 500mil. Some increase just seems to be needed to offset the abusive practice of some groups that simply wardec every corp/alliance that has a structure.

Doesn’t matter what you or I think. Its intentional designed that way. CCP has made Citadels explicitly in a way that small groups cannot defend them. The entry level (M-Structures) are so weak, no small corp has the slightest chance to hold them, as they are easily cracked and reward the attacker with guaranteed loot. And the bigger ones are so expensive, they will never pay off for a small group before they are destroyed (and you are basically begging for a wardec if you anchor one). Thats why Citadels of small and independent groups are farmed all day long by the big war declaration groups. And thats not coincidence, small groups serve as prey and entertainment for the bigger ones and the only way they can play is a) stay poor by not having structures that enable them to compete with the market or b) pay the big guys fees and taxes to use their structures or c) join some big blob and bow to it’s rules and orders. CCP wants it that way, else Citadels would have the combat abilities that POSes had, where you could fight back 30 attackers with 3 Pos Gunners and 5 RR-Battleships.

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