Increase war declaration fee

Hello eve,

100million ISK to declare war per week is not high enough. I would propose either the fee to be at least 1billion or to dynamically adjust the cost based on the size of the corperation (larger fee to war dec smaller corp and visa versa)

New / small corporations put in a lot of effort to get their first station, costing around 1.2billion Isk to setup. 100million is nothing to larger corperations and this can easily be seen by the amount of war decs some corperations are in (seen some with 50 concurrent war decs!)

Smaller corperations dont have the skill or isk to defend, especially when the larger corps use alts at the same time.

Eve wants to retain players, then give us a fair fight. We are trying to grow small corporations, where interactions matter and great experience happen. But its a real blow to us when our station gets war deced in high sec, and we just get beat down instantly and consistently as we are such an easy target for killmail.

Here we go again.

The costs to wardec were so steep and the rewards so little, CCP had to add quantum cores to make wardeccing more worthwhile.

Then don’t put up a structure. They aren’t for everyone.


Structures are a privilege, not a given. If you don’t want to be attacked, then don’t put down one. If you want the rewards of using one, without the work, then find a corporation that is willing to add your Corp to their access lists for a fee. But if you can’t fight back, then why should you be able to keep a structure? You are right, structures are a significant investment, but if that’s the case, then they need to be treated as such.


This bit is not terrible though it would require significant work to avoid abuse, and could be set up to reduce the ease of using one man corps to declare wars then jumping corps to whichever little corp has a good war, or corp jumping to bypass a 3rd party wardec etc.
Put a fee on joining a corp with an offensive wardec equal to that they would have had to pay based on the dynamic fee.

Of course, if a dynamic system were to be introduced, wardeccing someone the same size as you should become significantly cheaper as a balance. This would allow wars to happen without them being overwhelming, and defending allies would be more relevant.

This reply sounds tired. You state this issue has been adjusted before, and I feel theres room for further improvement. How much did it use to cost? Do you think the current war procedure is fair or working to the best idea?

With regards to the other reply about privilege owning a structure, sure, ive been playing over a year now, my main is in a corp with about 40 humans. If this isnt worthy of a structure then perhaps its not me who has an issue with the game, but the game is instead broken in the area.

This game isnt played sololy for PVP. Its got loads of other elements that isnt PVP. Since structures are prominently used for non-PVP (indy, market), then it should be appropriate for non-PVP’ers to be able to put up a structure. Does that mean that we should be able to defend against a mass of 30 trig ships all level 5 in everything… yeah like we would ever win.

Perhaps then is the answer to go into alliance? We cant even make it in high-sec, how we would survive in low/null-sec im not sure!

2 million.

No it should be cheaper and corps should be wardeccable without a structure.

It is a pvp sandbox yes. Structures are used to hold territory and generate wealth which you use to dominate your opponents.

Even if you don’t do that directly, you feed someone who does via the open market.


Cost should simply scale with the corp size but in reverse of what it used to be. Instead of making it more expensive to declare war against biggest groups, it should be the cheapest to declare war against them. It makes no sense whatsoever that it used to cost 500M to declare war against a 10k alliance (which inherently has the means to defend itself) but only 10M against a corp with 10 characters that realistically has no way to defend itself against a war dec group.

To fix perceived issues with wars, it should be more expensive to declare war against small groups than big groups. It is entirely reasonable to make a war dec against a 1 man alt structure holding corp cost 500M to require the attackers to have a goal and not just yolo wars. And it should only cost 10M to declare war against the hugest alliances so that they are not safe from attacks and every one can try and farm them.

Furthermore, I do not believe that alliances that are bigger than 5000 characters should be war dec immune. (Personally, I think even 1k strong groups should not be immune but I want to be reasonable). Social corps can be a thing but the number of chars in such a corp should be limited and not a Get-away-free-from-wars card. If you have nearly 35k chars under your banner, you are not a social corp any more. You are a power house and should act and be treated like one.


Have you considered joining an alliance, or forming a mutual defense pact with others?

No? Rather lobby for CCP to further nerf wardecs because you want to be able to place assets in space that you can’t defend?

You know what, I think you’re on to something. Why should I be other people’s content just because I make bad decisions and refuse to grow as player? Thus, I am calling on CCP to nerf all my enemies.

Thank you for listening.

No P2W

To ensure actions are impactful, the risk and cost of a wardec should be equal to the reward. Increasing the wardec cost follows the same logic as quantum cores.

That’s what quantum cores did. Before quantum cores the rewards weren’t enough.

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You don’t NEED a structure you WANT one.

The game has a couple of options for you:

  1. use NPC stations and be invincible. Sure you lose some efficiency or pay higher taxes but you save on fuel and have zero risk.

  2. use structures owned by others who can defend them.

If the 40 humans don’t WANT a structure bad enough to defend it they don’t deserve to have it. I say this coming from an alliance that loses structures quite often. When we lose one I don’t think “gee the game should be changed because we are too lame to defend ourselves”. I think we’ll we didn’t do what it takes to hold that structure so that’s the consequence.

In our case we just don’t want to donut up. We realize that by not donuting we get to fight everyone and on the flip side we don’t have friends when the donut wants to take out our structures. The enemy can’t get rid of us though because of NPC stations we keep coming back like roaches.

All that being said I think the wardec fee should be inversely proportional to size. There should be a base fee for equal size target. If your bigger than your target then the fee should scale up. If your smaller than your target the fee should scale down. Also there should be a way to dec targets without structures and also make you corp a decable target without a structure if you want.


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