Yet another Wardec thread

War dec suggestion idea:

Instead of simply paying a flat fee and being able to attack in high-security space, corporations would start off providing a small sum for a weekly fee, but as each week passes the fee increases. This could also incorporate a new form of currency to be used specifically for war declarations and their services, which I’ll get to later. Once the war declaration has ended, the person who declared war cannot re-declare war for at least one month.

Also, instead of simply making a blanket declaration of war, you could perhaps have “tiered” wars, where the price to maintain the war would be cheaper, but you could only target certain things. For example, you may be able to only attack enemy ships but not stations, or maybe only certain stations and ships, and so on. You could also set these tiers so that they had “goals”, and once you destroyed X amount of vessels or X amount of converted ISK value, the war would end. You could also potentially re-declare war more frequently after each successful war, perhaps something like a week.

Also, war declarations are currently boring as all hell. There is a good chance that some pirate corps or mercenaries will declare war on corporations they think would be easy targets, or because they had been paid to do so, and then the two sides would proceed to never even see each other in local. I came up with the idea that perhaps this could be changed by adding in some NPC elements.

Just to offer up some examples, one thing you could do is hire pirate NPCs to attack your enemy’s structures and fleets, even if you don’t know where they are. Vise-versa, you could hire NPCs to defend your structures and patrol systems on your behalf. By doing this, you could at least generate some content so the next time Marmite or Goons or CODE declares war on your corp seemingly at random, the two of you can at least get some fun things going on while you proceed to never meet each other in-game at any point during the war.

You could also perhaps do something where you hire NPCs to scout regions looking for enemy players in ships, or you could perhaps pay some insane amount of money so that certain factions/stations charge your enemy additional taxes on all of their traded goods within that faction or station. Perhaps having the ability to hire NPC miners to mine on your behalf while you focus on the war, or just otherwise generally involve additional in-game mechanics that do not rely on player-generated content to make wars more interesting.

And herein lies the next suggestion as alluded to earlier - you could even make a new form of currency or farmable resource that is traded in exchange for those services. Plus, killing NPCs that are “bought” using that currency could drop the currency, thus allowing for smaller corps to gain the resource just by defending themselves if a larger corp is trying to bully them around.

Also, perhaps there should be some sort of option available for the defending corporation to prematurely surrender in exchange for larger sums of money or some significant penalty of some sort. It’s just very odd that you have to wait X amount of time to surrender when some corps are ready to surrender right away. Perhaps a system that averages every corp member’s net worth and the wallet of the corp the moment the war is declared (thus preventing the use of alts to transfer funds) and works out a % of the result that the corp has to pay to end the war early, or something similar?

I know wardecs have been getting a lot of flack lately, and in many ways that’s because war declarations are ■■■■, but I don’t think they’re bad for the same reason other people do. I know a lot of people don’t like seemingly random declarations of war where their untrained pilots in their industrial corporation become literal bunch bags for the enemy, but part of the problem with those scenarios involve idiot corps that think that there is no PvP in Industrialist empires. I’ve found that a bigger problem are scenarios where corps have to adjust their protocols for a month or more at a time as they attempt to avoid enemy contact, and then nothing freaking happens and everyone is bored about the whole ordeal and it really just bums people out and doesn’t do much of anything for anyone involved.

Against the same corp or against any corp? Cause that’s real shitty if you use wardecs to make dough.

And i’ve stopped reading…

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Gotta say, there’s way too many “perhaps” in there. 8 to be exact.

I’d make an alt CEO of a new corp, join that corp, redeclare war.

Bein’ able to make choices picking types of targets sounds interesting.

Ya can’t force people to undock or loggin’ in, so that’s never goin’ to go anywhere.

Never gonna happen.

That’s not actual content for them, ‘cause they ain’t happy shooting retarded npcs. They’re gankers, they’re -10 and every single fuckin’ player can freely shoot them at whatever time of the fuckin’ day. Trust me. I’m a ganker. We’d rather have a dozen players kick our asses than play against fuckin’ npcs. If we really wanted that, we’d shoot fuckin’ NPCs. I certainly don’t and absolutely won’t.

I get the point of never meeting the targets, but this ain’t anything anyone’d care about except those who’re too scared to fleet up and undock. They’d chestbeat about their retarded npcs feelin’ like they’ve somehow achieved anything when all that’d happen is that no one cares about undockin’ for motherbobbin’ npcs.

At this point you replace game play with laziness. With each of such “features” you’d make way for more of these “features” someone else in the future’s goin’ to ask for. Gotta say, your post started actually interesting and then gradually got worse.

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