How to solve the problem of mega sized merc alliances war deccing everyone in hi-sec

I’m a WHer I don’t care about the dec I was trying to help those “little guys” from the “big bad guys” but they showed 0 interest in the help so to bad.

So then there’s no issue I suppose? Stay in your hole until the war is over.

What small groups?

This is certainly not fine.

Who would have thought that shorty after the “wardec fix” goes life people are already back on the forums crying about wardecs because the “fix” made everything even worse? This was so obvious it’s not even funny anymore.

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No I’ve been flying around high trying to get a fight from them.

I guess you haven’t gone to their home and tempted them. A direct confrontation with redundancies is best. But, I’m a noob.

The point of my post was “quit crying, team up with others, and fight back”


Best of luck.

Dec immunity and highsec HQ’s have been implemented.

What is the issue again?


Well, I’m not wedded to any one idea, especially in an area not my expertise. The big-group costs vs. small group notion is actually mentioned in one of my older posts.

The key idea is, to make it easier for smaller groups to conduct reasonable wars, and harder for larger groups to conduct blanket wars against numerous targets (of whatever size).

Some of the issues you mentioned (number of wars increased by shedding 1-man alt corps) could be dealt with by counting the number of, for want of a better word, ‘entities’ you are at war worth. 1 alliance and all it’s allies would only count as 1 war, in that case.

This is one area where I am a little less harsh on CCP for flailing around trying to find a solution, because over the years I’ve seen numerous wardec suggestions that were considered to be ‘less bad’ than the others, but can’t recall ever seeing a solution/approach that was even moderately widely approved of.


Yeah, and look at all the New and old players that now join and come back to EVE like the carebears predicted… Wait PCU is droping again? How could that be?!

Vehemently disagree. I’m inclined to think that you do not fully understand the changes of the new wardec system or their consequences, and why for the most part the new changes already make it more expensive to wardec en masse than previously. As lengthy and argumentative as the thread has become, you might want to give WarDec System Change Failure a read

Was this ever an issue? Wasn’t this what eve was about? Like I said, gotta love the new version.
I wonder if their focus groups/etc. are correct in thinking beating each other with nerf bats and enforcing a space utopia won’t cause a huge bleed out of paying players, but I don’t think CCP cares.

We were, thankfully, given a way to avoid this form of wardec abuse, take the ‘gift’ CCP gave us and stop dropping structures.

Oh, I think I use them as strategic bases in wars. Seems like a good idea, they’re cheap!

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