My case in point why multiboxing is got out of hand

I mean holy Batman how can one person control that many characters they need to limit the characters to three. Anyone control in many more than that is doing it badly because you can’t put your that much concentration into it

Yeah botting is sad in this game.

just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean someone else cant.

I’d consider 10 to be a bit excessive, but I’ve heard of people that do more.

There are people with spreadsheets just to keep track of their accounts

10 characters, how cute.

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People can and do control that many, by hand.

Just because it seems impossible to you, doesnt mean it isnt possible for someone else.

Try stepping up, and stop complaining about the superiority of others.

I knew a dude in null sec who ran 25 PI/skill farm alts and I’ve heard of others who ran even more. Don’t underestimate the abilities of the truly addicted Eve junkie

Thats easy. Try ganking a target with only a 20 second window using 15 alts.

The post by the OP I worry over the education of the English language!

It only seems impossible because your that much concentration way to far into it.

No. Go away.

openly admit I could not handle that many I have 2 and I’ve considered getting on 3rd as exploration pilot beyond that you’re right I don’t think I can handle anything more than that

What about the 10 CODE. players each of which has 22-25 accounts ganking ‘by hand’… CCP is allowing broadcast inputs, aka cheating, as long as you pay $$$.
Just like Carbon credits… POLLUTION IS BAD!! Unless you pay for those credits, then you can do it all you want.

That is interesting I would like to know how they do that but anyway we have some confused definitions here like multi boxing and botting are 2 different things. Multi boxing is just running more than one client on the same computer possibly the same screen which for some activities in Eve is not a major difficulty but others is a recipe for disaster.

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What is that ?

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