Why is everyone multiboxing so many accounts now

I’ve been back in the game for less than a week and am shocked to see how many people are roaming around with a FLEET of 5-10 accounts all named almost identically, indicating it is one person multi-boxing

Multi-boxing has always been part of the game but I don’t recall people brazenly going around everywhere with their own personal fleet

First of all, it’s ■■■■■■■ lame and makes me want to go back to not playing if I’m going to be constantly running up against people with so many accounts. May as well play something else than feel like I have to sub $100+ worth of accounts (or grind PLEX for that many accounts) just to compete

Second, I thought CCP banned ISBoxer? How are people so efficiently multiboxing?


It’s simple. Eve, as a game, is old enough to have whales who have, over the years, invested a lot of their time and money into the game and it’s just snowballing from that fact.

And no, even though any single player see this as unfair, nothing will be done to change this - because whales are paying serious money.


Yes and no.

People use it or EVE-O. Isboxer is banned for the input broadcasting part, but using it to layer your windows, its not

What does it matter if it is one person controlling ten accounts, or ten different players? You’re still dead either way…


Sounds to me like a case of the Haves vs the Have-Nots. I can’t multibox 10 accounts at once, so no one should be able to…


It’s selection bias…you simply don’t notice all the many more who aren’t. In reality there aren’t vast hordes of multibox groups. There’s half a dozen or so who congregate along the main choke points to Jita. Probably no more than 50 or 60 of the 33,000 chars online.

What’s more, given that they practically advertise their presence by all being named the same, it’s not like you’re going to be taken by surprise. I mean…you do scout…don’t you ?


Lol, you need to get out more, try flying around a few systems away from your comfort systems.

There’s mulitboxers everywhere.


No, it’s not.

Let’s make something perfectly clear first - I have nothing against multiboxers.

That being said, they are everywhere. My play style, and the effort to gather and document stuff for EVE Uni Wiki, makes me travel a lot and be everywhere… from popular areas to desolate Khanid and Genesis. Multiboxers are pretty much everywhere.

Previously, they were mostly mining and running level4 missions, but now we have a lucrative feature introduced almost exclusively for multiboxers - Homefront Operations. Homefront Operations is what’s spreading them all over EVE.


Please see any of the previous several dozen threads on multiboxing for your answers.

Yes, players multibox. Yes, there may be more of them percentage-wise over time because they’re likely more committed to the game. No, you can’t get rid of them, CCP wouldn’t be economically viable without them.

Yes, some of them are cheating and broadcasting and whatnot. If you think they are, and have some smidgen of evidence to back that up, then send a report to CCP in-game and let them deal with it. Lots of them however are doing perfectly legal multiboxing and have shown the videos to prove it. Most of them are also providing more financial support for EVE than the average player.

The more interesting question is, why do you care? There’s pretty much nothing a multiboxer can do that several players couldn’t do. And the same strategies you’d use to get around several players doing it also work against multiboxers. So figure out what you need to do, and do it.


All the recent changes are great for multiboxing and botting so players are abusing the crap out of it.

They are all over low sec too.


Sounds to me like a case of the Haves vs the Have-Nots. I can’t multibox 10 accounts at once, so no one should be able to…

Actually lol’ing IRL at this justification for multiboxing. This community has fallen a very, VERY far way from Jita riots to this mentality.

It’s not that I can’t afford it brother. I have a T2 BPO and I’m wearing a monocle afterall :stuck_out_tongue:

It just doesn’t sound very fun to play to me. I’m more interested in a game where I can compete on skill or outsmarting my opponent, not just bringing more multi-accounts to a fight. The only people who think this is good for the game are those with sunk costs


Yea I don’t think he realizes that multiboxing 10 accounts isn’t fun its just efficient, it turns a game into a job.


what you see are multiboxers doing home fronts, they are not whales. The Home Fronts were designed to encourage player cooperation, but it did not work.


Every time CCP tries to make 2 to 5 man content people multi box it.

5 man Fw plex
Home front
Edencome Data vualts
High tier wormholes
Latest Event sites

Wish they would make some solo sites again its been ages.


You mean like travelling all the way from Oipo to Dihra regularly, or other such 45 jump ventures ? I was in the top 1% of jumps done last year…no-one can say I don’t get out and about, lol.

Nah, there’s just hyperbole everywhere.

Everywhere means every single place you go, without exception. God may be everywhere…multiboxers most definitely are not.

It’s a saying it doesn’t mean every single place it means you see them more than you realize.

Ah, so ‘everywhere’ doesn’t actually mean ‘everywhere’…lol. Like I said…hyperbole. In fact, the multiboxers referred to are not even in 10% of systems.

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Exactly 0.01% can be everywhere, if you live in that 0.01%.

There is nothing in existence that is everywhere (besides atoms and empty space ofc), if anyone took the word literally the word wouldn’t exist.

Why does it matter?