Multiboxing in EvE

How many accounts can you multibox with something like ISBoxer for example? can you multibox lets say 10 chars? would you get any message while playing in game?

Isboxer can be ok but Input Broadcasting is a no-no.

I see but if Input Broadcasting is not allowed that would be pressing one key for all instances you have open then the software Isboxer would be useless and would only serve you for organizing the windows you open in the way you want. Correct?

Without input broadcasting you wouldnt have much multiboxing to do. many of this websites I am finding are dating 2013 also which is the link that you posted.

Could you say Multiboxing at the fullest is almost dead as it wouldnt be long for them to find you and Ban your accounts?

I multibox 3 accounts regularly - all legal and above board - you don’t have to cheat to make good use of multiboxing…

Eve isn’t a game where you need to be mashing key’s at 320 keys a minute, which leaves plenty of time to control your other accounts manually, unless you are doing 1v1 kitey pvp within 17km’s going 3k/s then all that attention is going to be on one char.



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So your goal is to bot, or semi-bot and cause more ■■■■■■■ cancer then this game is already dealing with ? ■■■■, I do not understand why CCP doesn’t just ban all this ■■■■ altogether, are they really this ■■■■■■■ stupid ?


I multibox 8 accounts with overlapping windows. Though i only do orca mining and scouting.
But i know a guy who multiboxes over 25 accounts, mining with skiffs. But he is not very vocal in local. I don’t know his setup.

Just curious, have you ever try to run 2 different chars from the same account at the same time? is something like that possible with multiboxing?

No. Not even on two pc at the same time.

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EVE does not even have that functionality. You can only have 1 character logged in per account.

While programs like ISBoxer is not outright banned, so you can still use it for “splitting” your monitor’s screen space up into multiple “windows”, as mentioned Input Broadcasting is not allowed, not only that but manipulation of the game client is also not allowed, this means “cutting” up the client to only show sections of it is not allowed.

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