Is Using ISBoxer bannable?

I’d like to know if using this to multibox is allowed within EVE or not, and if it could get me banned.

Basically you are playing with fire…

yeah… it might be better just to do eve on windowed

Also remember you must use Omega characters or you WILL be banned right away…

(read between the lines on this one)

The use of ISBoxer is allowed; however, be aware that some of the features that it offers will breach the EULA/ToS, specifically, but may not be limited to, it’s the ability to use Input Broadcasting (1 keystroke send to all clients) and it’s ability to “cut” up the client to only show small part of it.

So what ISBoxer is usefull for is to divide your screen space up into sections, ISBoxer has various templates, which can then house a client each. For example have 1 main view (for the account in focus) and have several smaller “preview” of the rest around, clickable to switch focus to that client.

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The Eve-O tool does something similar with no issues.
Great tool.

One of the best features of ISBoxer is the way it can throttle resource useage for clients not in focus. This can make a huge difference when multiboxing loads of clients.

I did not know it had the ability to do this…
I may take a second look.

EVE does this on it’s own, or maybe it’s windows?, maybe not to the same extent as ISBoxer possibly does but still.

The client does use significantly less resources when minimized (no idea if that’s a client feature or just how windows operates). To say that it is inconvenient to minimize a client and select a different using the native windows UI is an understatement.
Perhaps two clients would be doable, but a second monitor fixes that.
3-4 clients becomes a hassle without an application to smooth the road.

I totally agree with you on that. I have a single monitor and have multiple accounts so I know how annoying it can be. Tried ISBoxer once and it was awesome, but that being said it’s expensive when you only need it for one single feature it has to offer.

EVE-O may not be on par but atleast it’s free.

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this used to be the case a while back but i’m not sure if it holds true anymore. isboxer is allowed but you’re not allowed to use the command function where u can send key presses to multiple windows(eve clients) at the same time. and even earlyer even this was allowed.

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