Multibox Mining

I have 4 Barge pilots and 1 orca pilot. Im using 2 monitors and need help on how to set up my screens to be able to see all 5. is there a multibox tool?

I see IS Boxer allows me to cut out parts of the screen and only show that portion i want/need. Is that program allowed?


IsBoxer is allowed… Cutting up the screens and broadcasting isnt.

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don’t remember which topic it was in, but someone shown a video of markee dragon, had 3 monitors and it looked like just one screen from the left to the right…

Cutting up the screens is allowed; cutting up client(s) is NOT.

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As the ISD said, it is not allowed to cut up the clients.

I use IS Boxer for the reduction in CPU and ram usage it offers over Eve-O. But I use it in the same method, clicking on a client to bring it to maximum the same way as eve-o.

Any other methods will lead to punishments against your accounts. Which just is not worth it in my opinion.

What does this cutting up client(s) is NOT actually mean? I only have 2 screens using eve preview, miners on one screen PVP/PVE/Hauler dude on other screen. You cycle through drag ore to bigger container nothing to it really. Only that mining is boring and maybe need a third screen to play an actual game :smiley:

Help me out, whats the difference between those 2?

You have example pictures to show the difference?

This is a prime example of what will get you banned (Client cutting):


How can CCP see that from server side? I could use 4 screen 3 for a full size and the forth as that on multicutting How can it be seen? If I don’t stream up my setup… if I use macro on my keyboard as alt+tab–>f1 from screen one to third I can click as a macro faster like 1ms that would get me banned?

Read every word of the EULA and TOS


How in the hell does one play that way…that shite looks confusing!?!

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How much ISK you make with that Fleet?
I have start 5 days ago with 2 Skiff and one Orca. :slightly_smiling_face:

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