My window layout. what's yours?


Q: How do you get the embedded screens for your multiple accounts? (the 6 in the upper right corner)

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Did you ever find out what it was?

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Yes, it’s called EVE-O (Windows only).


sorry, i don’t pay attention to the cess pool of the forums

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Well…although I multibox its only with 2 accounts and I’m quite happy with Alt Tab as you can get both to the start of the Tab list which means Alt Tab automatically toggles between the two. I try to de-clutter the screen as much as possible. Haven’t lost a single multiboxing ship in the last 18 or so Absolute Order missions but gained over 350 kills…so I guess I’m doing something right…

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I’m such an OCD person what comes to organizing.
(That’s why Eve is also a great game for me :sweat_smile:)…
Here’s mine. Overviews are funny because they seem to always be tailored for ones needs.
I’ve found that personally i don’t usually need anything other than what is on the two screenshots.

There’s times when i separate the directional scanner floating somewhere to the right.
Fleet and fleet chat opens to the right. I’ve saved ‘targets’ and ‘fleet’ overviews so they can be opened to separate window when/if needed. Because of voice comms i’ve found rarely using fleet chat itself.

If there’s need for logi or other multiple target activities, i drag the targets as seen in the bottom picture. I don’t know. It’s very clear, simple and effective. Works for me and for everything i usually find myself doing. Oh and i play on a semi-big TV can’t remember the size. Camera aligned 20? to the left.

KEWK! Basic CCPlease things. The overview is bugged on this picture.
Ofc it is why wouldn’t it be?

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