How many windows + tabs do you keep open while playing?

So I counted up how many application windows and browser tabs that I have to keep open while playing and it came out to 10. Minimum. I’m not counting the game itself or the launcher.

That’s just the number I start up when first logging in. By the end of a few hours, the number of open tabs grows quite a bit. Is this normal or should I seek help? :thinking:


I used to run three of me on three screens. A fourth was mounted above in the middle for intel, browsing, music, memes on standby around thirty tabs across three browser sessions. Would get pretty crazy. People who visit would often just stand in amazement at how involving a ‘game’ could be. If they only knew it wasn’t a game atall. It was a way of life.

Here’s the command center. Most of the operation has been down since running a business in rl has gained main priority -(.


My computer I bought used from a friend and it came with two monitors which has come to be so handy for Eve like imo required for the game :smile:

I keep Twitter, the forums here, and tripwire open at a minimum. Maybe 1-3 more pages open for those rabbit holes reading about Eve or YouTube/Netflix


I use bookmarks and a separate EVE folder where everything I potentially need is available within a few clicks/seconds.
I have two monitors, one running the client, the other the browser, sometimes comms too (I fly mostly solo) on it.
EVE related tabs in my browser are usually 4+
Mostly these forums, Twitter for #tweetfleet, a database about anomalies/signatures & the website
this site bundles nearly every info I need as a solo wormhole-diver.

Also I mostly fly cloaked stuff, giving me the time to lookup on things if necessary.


pretty much the same, forums/reddit/twitter, then sometimes fuzzworks/dotlan on one screen, and 2-3 clients open most of the time. 2 screens feels like a minimum, heck wish I had 3 some of the time.

Also running excel, Pyfa/EFT, and JEveAssets most of the time.


Across two laptops, and three screens, not including game clients, 15 tabs and or applications. Tripwire is usually a frequent member of that set on google chrome, as are the forums, discord is always open, as is Dotlan, followed by miscelaneous things as necessary.



2 Lenovo (IBM) monitors, 1 left and 1 right. They work together as one display for EVE Online with the middle joined at the middle bars. EVE Online has a slide bar to switch the center by 10% or more so that it is not always blocked by the bars.

The left one is 17 inches and the right one is 19 inches.

The larger monitor lets me pull down the Google Chrome web browser application below the EVE Online client.
That way I can quickly access the internet by a simple click on the webpages.
It lets me select it to display over the EVE Online client which is / are set to run on Window(ed) mode.

I do run up to 2 EVE Online clients on that system at the same time, although I sometime try 3.

The thick white line on the left currently is Mumble, although I also run TeamSpeak there sometimes.

I run Discord in Google Chrome without using other security systems to log in the Discord app. I do it without login in the Discord app from my computer and only with the Google Chrome web browser.

There are a few other details, but I am still experimenting and testing for optimization when I have the time or motivation.
I can also benefit from the results.
(Why should I waste my time playing games if I can use the skills as transferable skills for other projects?)


The Windows operating system used for the first hardware system running in image 1.
It is configured to be streamlined for efficiency rather than for looks.
This does increase the performance of EVE Online and of the Windows Operating System itself.
Applications running are:
A1. Windows Explorer, to access files on the Hard Disk or other.
B2. Google Chrome web browser for internet telecommunications.
C3. A VPN program , for security, also diminishes the number of DDOSes and what not.
D4. The EVE Launcher which I should close to improve performance. However, I leave it running in case I have to log off + login other pilots between systems and so on.
E5. Mumble.
F6. Bandicam recorder, for when I need up to 10 minutes to record audio or screen video capture with audio.
This also doubles as application audio with a 2nd audio channel for my own mic. It lets me add context to application audio, or record myself when I’m talking (like on the phone).
G7. Microsoft Paint program to paste names of hostile pilots because I don’t have the time to read it or see it.
It is also because the hand is faster than the eye.
Also note that Microsoft is discontinuing Windows 10 support for that program.
That may give me more chance if those users can’t do that to me…
However, they can just use other programs for it though (if the license is good).
The 1 EVE Online client. Sometimes I run 2 clients on that system which shows superimposed on the same icon in that bar.

I selected and deleted the Mumble data on the top left.
I also removed the EVE Online local names showing up so that you can’t see it from here. I keep copies of the originals.


The EVE Client with 3 accounts and a 25% off offer (from my laptop).
On the left are shortcuts to many programs that I don’t use. Yes, there is even a poker program.
Some are Video and Audio conversion and editing programs although I need better ones for my own liking / preferences.


1 Lenovo desktop PC and 1 wireless keyboard.
1 white mouse with USB connector, and another black mouse with USB connector on the right.
A 2nd bigger mouse pad underneath for the 2nd mouse for the laptop to which it is connected to.
I also run EVE Online on the laptop.
It lets me use 2 hardware systems.

On top of the desktop is an ink ballpoint pen and sheets of ruled papers containing EVE information.
I write what to buy, what to do for PI, market data for quotes, and other info.
Hardcopy data also lets me compare with onscreen data on the fly.

The box with the chinese Huawei logo is a 2 years old wifi data stick to run mobile internet on it.
It was how I first managed to log on to EVE Online from home.
It is not in use anymore.
The 64 GB micro-SD chip inside doesn’t fit in my other devices yet.
It has too much memory potential to fit in them at this time.
I most likely won’t be bringing any of that hardware to Europe where I plan to move to shortly.
I’ll simply keep data and grind the hardware.


Same thing for the mouse but closer.
There’s also a Windows license number but the resolution is so low that I can’t even read it from there.
1 folded sheet of paper to the top right with info for work directions.


1 desk on which I will try to put a 3rd hardware system’s monitor(s). The desk may handle 2 more monitors.
It is the same height as the office desk on which are the desktop, laptop, 2 monitors and peripheral control devices.


The laptop with the defectuous keyboard on which I use the onscreen keyboard.
The wireless keyboard with which I used to type on it before is now being used for the desktop PC system.
By the way, I have a newer desktop PC system.
However, the store which sold it to me for around $190 couldn’t install my 2 GB video card on it. They told me it would work when they sold it to me but it didn’t.
They then want to charge me $50 to try to install it over a period of 3 days.
I would also have to leave them my hardware system on top of that.
Needless to say, they can’t install a new video they sell from their own store in a new system either.
It would also take them 3 days to try.
Maybe I can use that $100 for some other thing in the meantime until they figure this out?
Anyhow, that new system does work, although not with the video card I wanted.
It is faster than the two (2) I use and it has a newer i5 quad-processor cpu.
It’s still in storage.
I didn’t have time to go and get it today (it’s close by) but I got a raise for work.

I currently use a purple headphone with earbuds which fits under my “over the ears” headphone.
(I use 2 headphones at the same time. I can get sound from EVE NPC pirates attacking my ships from both systems at the same times).
It has a connected microphone extension in it, but I only use it to make the wire longer.
The laptop’s built-in mic functions good enough.
(Another way to fix this would be to use a sound mixer system.
It would avoid to have to use 2 headphones which can get more uncomfortable sometimes…)


So, the tabs are:
1 Discord,
1 private
3 EVE Online forums
4 Dotlan
1 Google doc
and 2 Twitter tabs.

Also, the laptop uses an old Windows Vista license upgraded to Windows 7.
However, it has hardware conflicts which could not be resolved even with a “professional trial of an AVG PC TuneUp program for personal use”.
It is however a 2nd Windows license on that 2 hardware systems.
The 3rd hardware system one also has a 3rd OS license. Those are stand alone versions.


Very nice setups, all. Glad to see I’m not the only one. When I really looked at the fact that I had way more screen real estate dedicated to tools outside of the game UI itself, it kinda knocked me over.


That’s lite mode


My CEO actually counted one random time, across 2 random computers, he had 50 tabs XD


I have one window open right now. Aaaah, this fresh, warm air, wild garden scented. :relaxed:


Two screens bottom one is main and will be occupied with eve client while top one will be usually team speak,youtube,netflix,hbo now and other various tabs often copy’s,forums eve among others.

Social media twiter etc is consumed by the phone for some reason I didn’t developed habit to costume em thru big screens.

When afk mode eve goes on top and other games populate bottom screen,dual boxing is a blast and prefered way of interacting with eve and laptop(17") is there to boot up another client for triple boxing for scout duty/hauling etc.

When deployed it get in line with bottom monitor perfectly and synergy software allows for usage of rig mice and keyboard across all screens which I can’t praise enough.


I like how this somehow turned into a desktop-setups-show-off-thread. :sunglasses:
So, here is mine.

I just counted my open tabs again… there where actually 10, when I count Twitter too.


Hoping to see EvE-playin’ machines.


I demand to see moar high quality quad-monitor setup porn, immediately!