Professional trial of an AVG PC TuneUp program for personal use

After searching google for :
avg windows optimization

and the EVE Forums for:

avg optimized settings

which returned:

“professional trial of an AVG PC TuneUp program for personal use”.

This last link seems to be a new method to improve performance.

My previous solution from them was the Windows Classic
from the
Basic and High Contrast Themes (6).


You do know that these things are pretty much snake oil right? the tuneup programs that is, all they do is kill off background tasks potentially making your entire system less stable, and overclocking isn’t for everyone and can also lead to system instability

If you’re at the point where changing the windows theme helps with EVE then you are probably at the point you should either consider reinstalling windows or a PC upgrade


People are far better off learning to optimize their machines themselves. There is a day of work behind that, and the knowledge lasta a lifetime. Most of these kinds of programs are only limited helpful, if at all.


I have two cheap 60gig msata ssd sticks in use. The cheapest ones are good enough, as long as you don’t store important data on them, though even then an early failure is unlikely. Not big, but enough to boot and for the swapfile, plus caches and temporary folders. A breeze. The single biggest performance increase I have ever witnessed.

No, I didn’t use it since the Tune Up only sets the operating system to Windows Classic.

As for your suggestion, it would of course help you to study my condition, and the current conditions I am in.

For instance, if I had to move to Europe, your PC upgrade suggestion may only be valid in Europe.
By the way, this PC it is running, the laptop PC, was and is an upgrade and was supposed to be purchase in another store which doesn’t have the same bug as all 4 computers bought in the store mentioned.

As for overclocking, or double overload mode (power supply), it is still in development and not quite as good as it is made out to be, since it was meant for other goals.

There was a few registry files that they were dealing with to help to speed up EVE Online processing speed on a low end machine.

I am also currently in courts for both programs copyrights and patents related to the security of the programs which are being attacked in attempts to steal them from me and deny me the benefit of being the author and creator.
Needless to say, they don’t want to be friends with me, and neither do I, and they also lie we’re not at war.

The system was more stable, but it still had a few issues which it did have before the Tune Up.
I ran the AVG Tune up on another laptop and on a Desktop PC.
It worked better than good for me in those case.

2.1 I never tried a laptop cooling pad yet.
2.2 I don’t know if I can put 6 GB or 8 GB Ram on this laptop yet.
It would be a 4 GB Ram chip or so.

The “maintenance” software that came with my computer was not on my computer when I got it.
Instead, it has a bug to spy.

2.4 I got an external hard disk drive case so I can try to transfer the data from the laptop which ceased to function.

Since I do this for 25 years and am going for a masters degree to design hardware chips, including cell phones, which is even more expensive to make, and I do work on a it a lifetime, so I plan that it does stay with me, even when the courts pull out their guns against me and try to get me to jail illegally so to steal my work.

I think I have a 64 GB USB data stick, and I had another one before, which I had to transfer since code got on it which interfered with its functioning.

As for storing important files on a USB , it’s good to have backups.
I register data and programs with the US copyright office, right during a court case, and they emailed me lying there was no programs in my content, no arts, and that scans didn’t constitute copyright material.
I however had description for those scans, we’re nonetheless in litigation due to military reasons.

One more thing, since I do give this to my future wife, and plan to give this to our future son, it is in fact longer than a lifetime, and potentially longer than 2 lifetimes.

And in english?

The only regionally specific part is the PSU, and thats only if you’re going between regions with different electrical grids, you can easily get cables for different styles of outlet

You don’t do anything to the PSU when overclocking, the PSU will either be rated to handle the load or it won’t, overclocking doesn’t require specific software so its not “in development”

As for the rest of your post, your english makes it hard to understand

Which part of the english is not english?

It again has nothing to do with your insinuation.

The reason is security.
It’s also not a coincidence I’m offered senior analyst work for the UN, and an office in NATO’s Cyber-security HQ, also in Europe.

You might want to learn English so you can understand what I write.
Don’t let the door on the way out hit you.

I have to pay $3,500 t0 $5,000 to move property there, and I don’t plan to move hardware when I can simply buy it on site.
I do however move data, and most of it will be online, and other copyright registered.

See its not the words themselves that are the issue, as a native english speaking your previous post was painful to read as i said, your comment about a PC upgrade only being valid in europe made no sense, if you are as well versed as you claim to be you would have known that the only part that would need to be swapped would end up being the PSU if you moved to a location that used a completely different system, moving from AC to DC or to a location where the outlets provide less than 240v etc

And i wouldn’t see the point in replacing my PC just for the same of moving, they don’t take up a massive amount of space, its not like you’re shipping a car from germany to america etc

And any job you may or may not have been offered really doesn’t make one iota of difference in this conversation

You’re obviously not friendly.
Enjoy your war.
And no, windows does not work in case of war.
It’s designed to fail.
I also can’t be friend with you since it would be traiterous and endanger my life.

Don’t bother me anymore.

As for PC Upgrade only being valid in Europe, I obviously didn’t say that, and you are deliberately misinterpreting with errors of impunity.
As a matter of fact, if you get near my system there, I would charge you or hire security to perform a preemptive strike against you, not presumptive.

You might want to make sure the certainty ratio of your statement are of a higher value then the level you attributed them.

Also, perhaps it’s painful to read to you since you have interest to cause me damage by misleading and misinformation warfare, as well as communication warfare.

Where is the well versed mention you wrote coming from me?
Why should it matter, since it is obviously not important due to other more pressing security matters and problems, including attacks from you.

If you think you are the only one, whether associated or not, you are mistaking.

I already have the systems configuration you mention and I copyright register them, and I’m working on patents for the same similar systems.

I guess? hard to say, none of that makes a great deal of sense if i am completely honest lol

Not my job to be friendly thats for those little ISD minions :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not really worth the effort to find ingame, i would have to go and fly to my locator agent and be bothered enough to remember your name, thats a lot of effort

If I tried to make business out of things which are not mine, or none of my business, it’s fair to expect repercussion since , it can be an act of war.

“Not my job to be friendly thats for those little ISD minions :stuck_out_tongue:
Perhaps not the worst, but I’m in courts due to threats against me being misinterpreted as me threatening government officials when they attack me.

So, the army found out, and offer me to go places more secure.

In game?
I’m in court.
I can give you my location in game, to my 80 pilots, and it would not matter 1% of the case.

It’s cheaper for me to use covert means like SEAL Team Six to move around than to waste my time with other security matters designed to waste my time and to make trillions from the waste of time caused to me, up to 100 trillion, finite.

I don’t get along with some spies for life.
They won’t get out.

Man, I would LOVE to know more about this guy’s childhood. That’s one train wreck of a person.

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@Solstice Projekt8h
lol, I don’t want you to spy on my future child either.
I have to protect him against you too.
I don’t trust those trying to cause the train wreck of a person, my family also worked on railroads for 3 generations…
That does not work good for this kind of work, what you are suggesting, it is more hostile.

This particular program which I did not use on my current hardware / windows installation (which, by the way, is not installed properly, since it has the same video graphic problems the same store which installed the OS has, 100% invariably wrong) is from AVG, a professional program.
Good for you if you can trash those programs, but there is not much wrong about that, unfortunately.

1st: The system is bugged by a spying program.
I’m already in courts against it.

2nd: Spying is a dirty strategy for warfare, so yes.

3rd: Since this is a laptop, any kind of Desktop or Tower upgrade would be more complicated.
It may involve an external device, one of which I already have, but is not to upgrade the hardare, rather to compensate for another laptop which was hacked , as no data can be retrieved without testing this new external device to solve the problem caused.

I think I paid around $20 for it in special, again, from same store which sells the infected systems.

Talking about infection, I was just infected with a virus affecting my vocal cords, and lodged into my lungs.
The timing for this was at the exact same time other interference against my communication occurred, during critical risk, and critical systems checkpoint.

4th: There is nothing there, and the AVG tune up program also did that.

I rather design my own system, non-intel chip from a master’s degree and have it manufactured.

I used to see those overclock offers back in 1993, after I was robbed of my business programs, which case is still in the top court of my country, and is also related to military.
It’s all the same people, same systems, same failures, and so on.

I prefer fly better than safe, it helps me make more money and protect my child against would be infiltrators and other untrustworthy behavior, coercion and vices.

~ lunch time

Disable any anti-virus you have installed and disable any programs that auto start at startup.

There’s 99% of the optimization you’ll ever need.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Yes, you don’t care if I’m in court, or if I’m in organized crime, or if you are, or if you attack me and my family or army.

You’re insisting on that whatever I write makes no sense, as if you are hoping to get some benefit from it or other financial rewards from other sources, for the attacks perpetrated against the scientific sense of my studies and work.

If I have problem with a shop or business or court armed force base, I may or may not do something else than just not there anymore.
In fact, it also gives me ground for attack.
Not that it does entitle anyone else to do it if they were in the same conditions, but in my case, which is not yours, or theirs, it is a valid point.

How does a problem I would have with a shop or business be solved by not going there anymore, if my business is to investigate and report to the Interpol or other international and global authority, or to protect my life?

I don’t think I would give you or your associate the right to bother with my systems, given you are insisting on them not making any sense.
It would be rather traiterous to my future wife, not counting the delays it would invoke.

Perhaps some better application would be to bait terrorist into discovering and exposing themselves by attacking you with similar provocation you like to get benefit from?

I don’t think you could help after, but then again, you would be more helpful since you would not be able to interfere anymore with false suggestion and misleading against national security.

For the record, they don’t even sell the software, it’s freeware.
Secondly, if you can’t find how to learn from testing and fix computer problem, it would not be much help for you to stay in this field as it is how it’s done and how it works.
You won’t get rewards or cookies for interfering against other’s learning and knowledge and calling them as if to make no-sense, and be otherwise coercing them into non-sense, evil wrongdoing and vices.
Some of the virtual reality is better in reality when it remains virtuous and in virtue, and virtue is what governs good organization it’s prime minister.

3rdly, hardware limits are what is used for electronic warfare.
There are reasons why jet fighters computer chips are more resilient under electronic attacks and jamming interference than other computer chips, by treaty, patents, and other grounds.

For instance, I make a new computer chip commerce which is faster than military chip. Now the patent office reviews the application and finds the vulnerability. Now, again, the vulnerability is not in my design, but rather in the competition’s design, since, it would make military system more vulnerable.
Sure , I could mass produce it, but not with their approval (patents office scientific community).
Also, you can be sure that if anything has to do with scientific merit, and scientific worthiness, or to be deserving of science, that it does have to do with patents office.
Now, this may be for previous work from your grand-parents parents, but still.
Also, the US Army would have very good reasons to come knocking on my door for producing equipment which is not approved by them, or by patents, or perhaps any courts.

The same goes of Space-X and any other space projects using computer hardware chips, micro-processor and micro-controllers.

Now, I can see how you like to control what I should do, but since I already have to do the analysis to verify that, for obvious reasons, I can’t credit you much for it.

There is no auto-startup program.
The system boots in less than 60 seconds.
Less than 45 seconds usually.
Sometimes, less than 30 seconds.
It’s comparable to a 386 systems in boot up speed.

I don’t have a master, but I do have the equivalent of more than one.
I am going to get a master, but I first do need a bachelor or more than one.
My sister took an intensive master’s degree in 1987 to 1991.
I graduated from my course in 1992.
She graduated in 1992 because that she failed one year of her 4 years intensive Master’s degree program.
She is a medical doctor, or, practitioner, or physiologist, or obstetrician, but did not take surgery.
Her work also has to do with science, and scientific merit.
The course I graduated from in 1992 is not a bachelor or master, but it was from a computer science course.
Over the last 25 years, going on 26, I of course had the time to perfect it, and to be more advanced in the specialization related to it.
And yes, this does reflect in courts, and I am also against the judges and crown attorney, and offered an office in NATO cyber-security HQ in Europe for it, or partly for it.

It has been almost 20 years since I last used Windows but it looks like the whole magic-speed-up-your-pc-woodoo-programs/malware have staid the same and people still fall for that crap.

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yeah, they do
let me get a refill with Orange Fanta from Coke

The global pool of uninformed, ignorant people is ever-growing.

Some good questions , or rather, points to verify during the analysis phase for an opportunity or problem are:

  • What conditions is the system in question in?
    which conditions is the system itself surrounded with?
    which conditions affects the system externally?
    which conditions affects the system internally?
    which conditions affects the system both externally and(/or) internally?

What is the system in question, or, rather, what is the system, specifically related to? Is it a problem or an opportunity, or is it another system with a potential problem or opportunity, or a practical problem or opportunity?

When presenting a proposal for system services, include space for approval from the administration, since it may be illegal or interfere against the system to start work without authorization.

Include a budget for costs and expenses, and also include the potential benefit in profit if any, and the schedules for those figures with depreciation of money ratios.

Add any other good points which may affect the decision such as:

  • does the new system provide fair opportunity for people, or is it designed to be inhumane?
    It’s nice to have a new robot to do everything, but if it steals every one’s job income, there’s not much use for it.
    Perhaps, go practice this type of propaganda in some other theater of war.

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