Dual monitor question

Tried googling and found alot of threads on the issue but nothing on this specific question. Probably an easy one to answer for someone who knows their stuff.

I would like to try to add my old monitor to my gaming setup so that I can stretch the EVE window over both screens.

Currently I play on GTX 1080 TI with a 144hz main monitor, but my old monitor is only 60hz. What will happen if i stretch the game window over both these monitors with different refresh rate? Will I hurt the performance on the main monitor or will it act like normal and just be lowered on the 60hz one?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Hooking up that second monitor is one of the most useful additions you’ll ever make to your computer. I’m up to 3 and can’t imagine how I ever survived with 1.

My experiments with stretching the Eve client across 2 monitors were unsatisfactory but it didn’t matter - there are lots of other uses for the extra screen. In a strictly Eve context, you can play a second account, load 3rd party tools like EVEMon, pyfa, Dotlan, etc…, read the forums. You’ll be amazed how fast it transitions from a luxury to a necessity!

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@V_Strobe, EVE is not a game that heavily rely on FPS to make it playable (beautiful); on that note, running EVE with 144Hz or just 60Hz which is your old monitor’s capacity you will not feel any difference. Assuming that you have a relatively new PC/graphics card you will not have to worry about your FPS, unless you find yourself in a huge battle with a few hundred/thousands of players are involved but then again TiDi will be more an annoyance than potential fps drops.

I can’t remember if you can actually limit your FPS in EVE, but if you can I would probably suggest that you set the limit to your “slowest” monitor’s capability. So long as you have 30+ fps, you shouldn’t feel hindered in the activities you do.

Thanks guys for the replies. I know it is very convenient so I will try it, however I’m very interested in what actually happens on a single game client window when it is stretched over two monitors with different refresh rate. Will it just be split perfectly so that the first half keeps up with the good monitor? Would be cool to know.

Interesting question. The worst thing I could imagine is that both drop down to 60Hz. But I doubt it. From what I know, Hertz are unique to your monitor. The number basically tells how often the monitor can check for new images being sent from your graphics card. The local performance of your display, so to say. (Note that this is a guess, I’m no expert and it probably depends on multiple factors)
But as stated before: Since the connection to the Eve-server works with 2 second “ticks” anyway, FPS or refreshrate are rarely an issue with somewhat modern hardware.

I would just try it.
IIRC: “CTRL+F” shows an ingame FPS-monitor that might help to estimate if the second screen has any impact at all.

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