Is a 144hz display necessary?

As per the title. I want to retire my old 75hz monitor, and get a dual monitor setup. I’m considering upgrading to 144hz. Aside from the obvious, is it really necessary for EVE? I definitely can tell the difference between 60 and 75hz, but would 144hz make any noticeable difference? I’m chiefly using tactical view, and I am not crazy about visual embellishments, thus keep my graph settings at medium.

The refresh rates really only matter in competitive shooter gameplay where milliseconds matter.

EvE would run just fine on your early 2000s VGA screen.

So does it matter. No.


Thanks for your reply, it faces me some coins!

Yeah, I use a couple of mid range 4k tv’s (60Hz, decent response rates), and love them. To me, the most important thing for Eve is how much screen real estate a display offers. Of course, I multibox, but even when I don’t, I like having all that space to open various windows (map, d-scan, combat log, bookmarks, etcetera).
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This. Personally I find the EVE Ui so cluttered. Size matters :wink:


To add to this, a 144Hz display has caused me a number of headaches with regard to Windows 10’s built in game capturing functionality, and pretty much any attempt to record or stream my screen to video format. I would get choppy video unless I changed the refresh rate. I’m guessing any multiple of 30 (or 60 if you’re making videos with that frame rate) would work, but I forget what I actually ended up choosing to ‘make it go’ so I could be mistaken. Perhaps it is possible to work around this somehow and keep the refresh rate at 144Hz, but if you just want things to work like I do then it could be a bit more trouble than you would appreciate.


Thanks guys for your feedback. I’ll stay away from 144 and go with new 75 then.

I’m very happy with my 30hz display

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