4k or 120hz laptop

Alright so Im buying a laptop to play eve on since iam going to travel much more.

  1. 4k resolution (60hz?) i6 6770 with a GTX1060 and 16gb ram, 512gb SSD.

  2. 1920x1080 at 120hz, i7 7770 eith GTX1070 and 8gb ram, 256gb SSD

Both laptops have got 17,3” screens.

Or just be done with it and get the best of both worlds:

  1. G-SYNC,GeForce GTX1070,Core i7-7700HQ,16GB RAM,256GB SSD,1TB HDD,DVD±RW ,W10H For a 300USD more then both of the above 1. And 2. alternative?

What would be tje optimal choice for running 2 maybe 3 clients (or maybe 1 client at max graphics on main char, and low graphics/resolution on 2 alt accounts) of EVE Online most of the time and occasionally play some World of earcraft and Overwatch?

PS! I want to focus on EVE and the best graphical experience i can get. Overwatch will run smootlhy ob both regardless i pressune.


if its for gaming id personally go for option 2 1920x1080 at 120hz.
for a couple of reasons ,

number one being ,

That seems like bullshite to be honest with you.
or more accurately, theres some serious compromise going on thats not immediately apparent .

second being
if you dont have a high refresh rate monitor right now,
the one with the 1070 and 120htz panel in it will blow your mind when you fire up eve.

Thanks for tour reply.

Blow my mind how? Whats so different between a 120hz at 1920 and a 60hz Gsync 4k reso?

Should eve run at 60fps, Is there a point of having 120Hz ?

100+ fps is big thing if you haven’t seen it before.
Find someone or somewhere that can demo it for you.

at 4k on a 17" monitor everything’s going to look tiny. 1080 on that size monitor should still look pretty nice, might even want 110 or 125% ui scaling. My ~11" screen is 1080 and I run 125% scaling to get things a usable size, of course that machine is getting old enough that I can’t use it for much more than skill swapping.

Why only 4k join the pc master race and go 28k full 4dhd with 2billions fps and 200 corse with 8quintillion ram and what not. Sorry I had to because I see it every damn about pc master race and bragging and ■■■■ I say pick a PC you feel you want to pay for and can do what you need it to do is all im going to say.

4k on any screen smaller than 40" is going to be a pain to use, even with scaling turned up.

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That isn’t hardware bragging.
He’s asking people who play eve,
about hardware to play eve on.

This is hardware bragging.

I’m playing EVE on a 4k 14" laptop. It’s older gen. (GTX860) so framerate is nothing to write home about. But I love the resolution.

The difference between 120 and 60 Hz is noticeable but let’s be honest, the latter is already comfortable.

Also, EVE runs on a 1 Hz clock. What reaction times are we talking about?

Who said anything about reaction time?
100+ just feels a lot more pleasant than 60.
And let’s be honest here,
even in twitch shooters, shag all people are good enough for a few milliseconds to factor into their gameplay in any meaningful way.

My point is that 60Hz is acceptable. As 1920x1080 is being acceptable too (to me, barely). So beyond that we are talking about personal preferences. You prefer higher framerate. I prefer higher resolution. Choices and consequences.

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A GTX 1060 will not feed your 4k display too well in the long run, at least not in the native resolution. The upside is, of course, that you can simply lower the resolution to 1920x1080 and due to the aspect ratio you would not see any artifacts.

Though if you watch a lot of porn, going for a 4k display also has serious downsides given you actually find material supporting it. You’ll see every single wrinkle, every little detail in all the spots you usually do not want to notice them! Like that one hair she missed while shaving and YOU JUST CAN’T STOP STARING AT IT NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!

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I would go for the 120hz since on such a small screen it is not advisable to go 4k

They make smartfones with 4k resolution. Just saying.

No, really. 4k looks gorgeous on any display.

smartphones are very close to your eyes, laptop screens are not

And your point is…?

Option two have more horse power,would be my pick.

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