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I wanted to put a question to those who know better than I do, it has been far too long since I messed about with all the internal workings and my knowledge is crap now.

I am looking to get a laptop for a few things and one of which would be to put Eve onto. Right now my budget isn’t the best so can’t get the ones I was hoping for but have found one I can get and just need to check that it should be suitable.

It is the Lenovo 305 IdeaPad 15.6" Laptop, according to the requirements on the website the RAM is over the minimum but under the recommended with it being 8GB, but it’s more for the processor and graphics that I’m concerned about.

Anyone willing to have a look and let me know if they think it should run the game?


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I have had two laptops recently, all of which played Eve.

An old Gateway gaming laptop with dual hardrives for RAID… it had a gtx 9800, and old gpu, with 512 MB ram. This was maybe 8 years ago. 4 GB system ram, and a dual core AMD processor. it was okay, played Eve fine on low settings, could play one account on high settings, and three accounts at the same time on low. It was a 17 inch monitor IIRC… maybe 15. Any way, it worked… paid 500$ for it. had it a few years and hacked the crap out of it.

Last one was an ASUS Iforget the mdoel, I can look it up if you want, it was a 2014 model IIRC, had 8 GB system ram, a quad core amd with apu, and the gpu was nice, it was a 2GB ram *60 equivelent. like a 960 0r a 560 but it was an ATI gpu. and tbh I hated it. I had driver issues and their support was terrible because I didnt use the newer os that came on the was a basic gamers card. This ran Eve the best. I could run 6 accounts on low settings at the same time, but four seemed to work the best. this was a 700$ laptop I got at frys. was a 17 inch.

my best advice, not get a laptop. get a desktop. unless, you are getting this to play Eve on the road like for work or college or military service.

If you do get a laptop, just make sure its a quad core, it should have 8 GB system ram min… and Id say at least 2GB Video Ram as well… a dedicated gpu is a must if you want to run multi accounts or have a smoother experience when gaming.

I think now though, the MSI gamer laptops are decent. The gateway was teh dedicated gamer laptop and that thing was a beast… its just old. it was around 1000$ retail and I think thats where you should look for price point, around there. if you can get a last years model on sale like I did, you may save a couple hundred… the asus was on sale as last years and was a showroom model… it was in good shape, I made out liek a bandit.

Desktop though. if you are gonna play Eve at home, desktop all the way!!!

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Thanks for your reply. I have a desktop I use at home for the game and will always be my main option but it is as you say for use out and about away from home.

I will keep having a look about, thanks.

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I just did a few searches and thought maybe these could be of interest or motivation.

Don’t do it! Its so hard to teach pilots how to pvp without the standard keyboard layout. It’ll be expensive if it’s a good one with separate F keys you can find in the dark without looking, or center your left hand back to asdf. Most laptops have flat keys. Good luck anyhow.

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If it doesn’t have a discrete graphics card, don’t bother. Maybe the new Ryzen APUs with Vega graphics from AMD have enough grunt to run a single client, but anything Intel with onboard graphics will be terrible for EVE (if it runs at all).

The above 2 laptops mentioned by Imustbecomfused would both do the job since they both have discrete graphics cards. The first one with the GTX1050 on it is OK (I haven’t used a 1050, but I suspect it’d be able to handle a couple of EVE clients at 1080p (not factoring in RAM and CPU)). The second one I’d be disinclined to recommend as the CPU (FX-9830P) is an older AMD CPU, which are all quite terrible by today’s standards. Anything built off their latest Ryzen architecture, however, are decent CPUs (competitive with Intel equivalents, and far better onboard graphics for the CPUs that do have onboard GPU).

I’ve been playing EVE regularly on a Gigabyte P34Wv3 without hassle, but that’s more of an upmarket model (or was. It’s getting no a bit now. Still more than capable of running multiple EVE clients, though, if you don’t mind the jet engine noise from the 2 exhaust fans). Gigabyte’s Aero brand are also fairly decent mid-range gaming laptops, but also on the expensive side.

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I use a 17" HP Omen Gaming Laptop when not at home. I tend to look for one with good cooling as a feature. My desktop at home is water cooled and can run all day maxed out.

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Integrated graphics (Intel)? Its like putting a potato in the oven, sitting in front of it and watching thru the glass how it bakes.

It isnt worth the money.

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It will work but make sure to get some spare ventilators as it will heat up and if rested on your body will cause you harm ( ). I run it on Linux on an old Gigabyte Brix, it’s fan goes full speed as I run it at 60fps in 1920x1080 with everything (both on the effects and graphic content) set to disabled/none/low.

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I dual box on a Dell Precision 5520

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Almost any box will do. Eve has low requirements, and graphics are adjustable. I used to play Eve on a Surface with low details, and it worked fine.

Especially, don’t obsess about memory. One client uses less than 1 GB tops. An average toaster these days has RAM for more clients that the average Eve player has accounts.

If you have money, throw it into the GPU to reduce the chance of eye cancer. All the rest can be junk.

And do yourself a favor and do get a real keyboard, mouse and two monitors. Using a laptop is still justifiable, because you might want to play from different locations (friends / family / your office) using your own box, or because you need a laptop anyway and don’t want to spend money on / have space for an additional stationary gaming rig.

(And don’t buy a Surface for gaming! I’m just saying it works. It’s still a bad idea. In fact, don’t buy a Surface for anything! Ever!)


Eyeing this one my self latest models come with 120-144hz screens they are plasticky but are not slim form factor = proper cooling indeed,taking my old one today to local “PC repair” shop for free diagnostic in hope they can tell me whats wrong with it, can it be salvaged(it can be upgraded to 1070gtx m~500usd) or i need to buy Omen after all(1600-1700USD).

To the OP in general look for dedicated GPU over integrated for good performance even in eve.
For CPU from dual core and up should do the trick.

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that laptop has an integrated Radeon R4.

its performance is rated at 398 compared to other cards on a max scale of 12,000 or so.

estimating by the rating of an older card I used to run four clients, I’d say the minimum rating you want is 1,000

like another player said, anything with a discrete video card should be more than adequate.

this is the full rating chart I use. my old card was a Radeon 7970 rated at 5,200ish. It ran four clients.

A common card you can get in a laptop nowadays is a 1060 or 1070, which are rated 10,000 to 11,000


Real World experience talking here: A Celeron 2.1 dual with 2GB RAM and Intel chipset graphics WILL run EVE in DX9 mode, but not very well - I use it to sit for eyes, you don’t need an all-singing, all-dancing setup for that. An AMD E350 APU clocked at 1.6GHz and 8GB RAM WILL run EVE, at an acceptable framerate in DX11 mode (unless you get in a fleet fight in which case the APU will fall on its ass - it runs hot due to the fact that it has 2 process and 2 GPU cores on the same die). That one I use for hauling.

Running the equivalent of a desktop setup, handling for a 400-500 player fleet fight you’d need (again, RWE) at a minimum: quad core 3.6GHz, 8GB DDR4, 6th Gen. GPU with 1GB GDDR5. My setup here falls over due to the ancient GPU. If I had a tenth Gen. card instead of the 6670, I’d be laughing.

All donations gratefully received.


I found my most recent laptop. they have dropped in price, if you can find a used one, make sure it has hte a10 cpu and the dedicated gpu, should be ati iirc, it will be a dual gpu setup if you enable apu… :slight_smile:

I think you can find these around 450-600 bucks. :slight_smile:

and yea that FX processor laptop above is a bit older, but there was few in price range sadly but wanted something comparable. Id agree, its not the ideal laptop to go to.

this asus I linked here, didnt get that hot when playing multi accounts, again i could log on 6 accounts with this on low settings.

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