Im looking to get back in the game need a pc build

Im looking to get back into the game and need to get a new computer, i know what the recommended system requirements are but am unsure if it is enough for me to run multiple clients at least 3 wile doing other stuff at the same time.

Im looking for recommendations on what pc parts to get etc. Also have questions regarding the resolution i want to play at, i am thinking about getting a Samsung 49" ultra-wide monitor but its only 1080p res, but im not sure if eve looks any much better at 1440p or 2160p. So do you guys recommend i go for a better resolution monitor like the Asus 35" ROG STRIX or a 4k one and just do multi monitors at high resolutions.

Im looking to spend around 2500$ for the pc and im unsure of what type of cpu and gpu i should get etc.

Please help me with some build examples that would be able to run eve max graphics multiple clients super smoothly etc

I dont know about the prices in ur country but,
If I had that money to spend on PC, I would go with new Intel i9 CPU and Nvidia GPU.
16+ Ram and u all goody.

About the display I’m not sure… I’m playing on 15” laptop screen. 49 ultra wide curved samsung will stay in wet dreams :slight_smile:

Eve is more stressing on the CPU than the GPU for the most part, so what youll need is a good CPU that does multitasking very well.

Personally, i use a Nvidia GEforce GTX 1080 Ti, with an intel core X and custom waterloops, and i multibox 7 chars at a time sometimes. Steady 50-60 degrees on my CPU and no lag, but i keep it on medium graphics settings I could go on to full graphics settings, but usually i dont cause why bother. 3 screens, 1 with eve and the other 2 to fool around with. Havent had too much problem.

You basically want the fastest CPU and RAM you can afford into your PC, so your eve clients can all keep up when the fleets get really big. That’s the general rule I give to people myself. As for GPU, 1060 for 1080p, and 1080 Ti for 2016p

OTOH, if you’re not too worried about big fleet actions - I run Linux on a 10-year-old PC, with a mid-range 5-year old video card, and have no problem running 2 concurrent clients on 2 screens at 20-30 FPS.

8 or 16GB ram
SSD (size matters on what else you will do wit hit) i have 512GB
1060 Geforce
17" screen

all this in a 1400€ notebook

its a good setup

Eve looks a little better in 4k, but they don’t use 4k textures so it’s not really much of a change.
AS far as coming back, good luck, but taking 4 years off and spending the last few weeks cleaning up the mess, (CCP ransoming all my stuff back to me in lowsec.) I keep asking myself why I’d pay anything for this game? Numbers are down significantly, whole areas that I used to hang around seem to be dead zones. My dread and carrier are almost useless due to the jump range nerf and jump fatigue.
Just not feeling it. Anyway, if you’re upgrading for EVE spend the money on your CPU, a 1080 is overkill for this old game.

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