Building a PC for Eve Online - Whats important?

I’m building a PC for Eve Online - Only game I play! - and was wondering what the most important things are if I want to run 3 acc’s with high quality. I’m going to buy a 1440P screen.

I’m aiming for a Nvidia 1070 TI but the screen I want only has freesync, not G-sync.

The system I was thinking to buy looks like this:
Ryzen 5 - 3,2 GHz - 6-cores - 19mb Overclocked at 4 GHz
2x8 GB DDR4 - 2400 MHz
Nvidia 1070TI - OR - Radeon Rx 580 if possible so freesync will work.
275GB SSD.

I was hoping this setup could run 1 client at 1440p and 2 client at 1080p in the background - with at least 50-60 fps.
Is it enough?
Also how important are freesync / G-sync in a game like Eve Online?

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I run eve on high (when I bothered to log in) with an intel i3 5157u graphics, the system you list will slaughter several maxed clients at 4k I’d imagine.

Yup your system is major overkill. Youll still run into issues in big fleet fights but thats normal. Remember to set 2 cores for each client in your task manager. Instead of letting the CPU manage it. As Eve is single threaded in most cases dedicated cores are handy. Works with dual clients and quad cores too.

GL with the build.

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I play on a laptop I got off the shelf in a Best Buy four years ago and run three clients simultaneously.

You’re more than OK with those specs.

Take credit card of mom, buy overpriced Alienware, even their lowest model will run this game at ultra

Very nice rig any GPU will do the trick but you should pin 1070ti w VEGA 56.

If you go AMD route personal recommendation would be sapphire nitro series great cards all around and this is just making me horny.

Thank you Mina, very nice suggestion. I see VEGA 56 is very expensive at my area, but i have found a Radeon RX580 ASUS 8 GB for “only” 400$ … Thats the name of the game with todays miners. I think i will go with that so i can enable free sync.

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Anything north of an abacus should be able to handle eve

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Yeah, but its no easy task to train hamsters to run an abacus.


Htfu salvos, jesus.


Dont forget a keyboard. You might need it.

What’s your sys tech specs?

I will be travelling a lot this year so looking for a laptop but not that pricy which is still ok to runs Eve client.
And I’m thinking of build in graphics vs discrete vCard. Maybe can AMD solution cause they looks good with their fusion technology. Or Intel build in HD 505 or higher would be fine?

This should work fine.
I play EVE with 4 Client 4x HD 1080P in Window Mode.
i5-2500; 8GB DDR3 and with a Nvidia 970. two SSD.
One for the OS and One for EVE.

So your Hardware will do the Job.

Be aware that if you switch Clients in Windows 10, only the Client within the Focus will get the full power, the other three Client will get lesser power.

with best greatings


Not sure, honestly. I have 8 GB of ram, everything else I don’t really pay attention to.

just make sure you can run botting scripts while logged in.

Due to Eves coding single CPU cores per client with the highest CPU speed for each client and then available RAM, with about 2GB minimum per client, are your biggest “requirements” from what I have gathered from info over the years.

Beyond that or on lower then highest graphics you can run a lot more clients.

I still run dual clients, can run up to three, on an old 15 year old computer. Dual monitor. E8600 3.33Ghz duo core with 4GB ram. Upgraded the CPU a while ago to the best I could find off ebay. Not on high graphics so system reqs are low.

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