Minimum Requirement to Run 2 EVE Clients and a Remote Desktop

I’m going to study abroad and restart playing EVE online. I’d use a laptop but I don’t want a very expensive (and powerful) one because theft is not rare where I’m going. I’d like being able to run 2 EVE clients simutaneusly because I want to have a scout. And as we all know one needs more than EVE client to play EVE, but I can use a remote desktop to run all those webpages, fitting tools and comms from a powerful desktop located in my home, hoping this will use less CPU and memory. Running EVE clients from my home desktop is not acceptable because that would circle the signal around the globe and the ping would be too high. Now I’m asking you guys what requirement do I need.

P.S. I’ve looked the official recommended requirements, and TBH is it more about boasting? I used to play on a laptop with 4GB RAM, beginner-level CPU and GPU in 2016 and with a single client everything went well. There was even no GTX 1060 then. Or has EVE improved it graphics again after 2018?

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