RAM - 16, 32 or 64GB for EVE Online

Hi guys, I want to run Eve Online with max graphics on my laptop. I will be running one character at a time but multitasking with youtube, netflix etc… Will my game run better with 16Gb, 32Gb or 64Gb?

Current setup:
Dell G5 15inch.
Gtx 1660ti graphics
16 Gb RAM

I did a search and did not find an answer.

Thanks guys

You mean GB I hope.

16GB is more than enough for a single Eve client and some other normal things. Even a couple Eve clients.

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Yes, GB, i made the correction. Thank you.

yep, I’ve been running 3 clients with high settings and several things in the background on 16GB.

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On my 10-year old I6 PC with 8 Gb I can run 1 client with high graphics, 2 with medium graphics and 3 (just) with low graphics. This is under Linux.

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This is more than enough for 2-3 clients, EVE is a pretty low resource game.

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