EVE on Surface Pro

Hi all,
Is it possible to run EVE on a Surface Pro? Anyone with experience? Think about buying one and would like to be sure, that at least one client would run smooth.

Thanks a lot!

If you can get Surface pro that runs at least 16gb of ram the game will run smooth but not great you can do very little multitasking and run Team speak with 16GB , anything less than 16gb the game will run but it will be slow and take so much ram it would be pointless unless you just want to train skills and not play.

I would go above 16gb if it was me, that way you can run two voice clients and use multiple monitors which is the ideal way to play.

A Surface Pro looks great but many laptops and desktops will be cheaper with this setup but if you have the money go for it.

cough, cough… I’m multiboxing with only 6GiB ram available (2GiB goes to IGPU). I have no idea where you get so absurd hardware requirements.

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What are you smoking? 2 GB of RAM is the golden rule for baseline play and/or multiboxing. My Toughbook 31 with 16 GB and shitty integrated graphics runs 5 clients at performance optimized settings, teamspeak, Discord, EVEMon, and a browser with many tabs all with no issues.

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To be honest I do not worry concerning the RAM but the missing graphic card. Anyone herein using one with Eve?



But you probable will end in potato mode to get decent FPS. My, biggest concern is screen size.

I run an alt on a Surface Pro (the first one they came out with not even the “Pro 1”). Of course, you have to drop graphics down as far as they go. I only use it for mining or basic stuff. Can you use it, yes. I have a feeling it would be a terrible idea to use the one I have for PVP, Fleet fights, or anything more intense than mining or basic hisec travels.

I don’t know enough to say wether or not the newer “more modern” Surface Pro’s would be enough for riskier full on play.

(As was mentioned aboce, screensize is terrible. I was able to resize things well enough for it to be suitable, but only just.)


I did not talk about graphics these specs were for integrated graphics that you get running a Surface Pro not a desktop with a high end graphics card.

You see their Ram is on their graphics card so they can get away saying that they play with low specs you can’t do that on a surface.

I run 16gb now on an i7 with integrated graphics I can run team speak but if I do anything else the game slows down and I am running on medium settings.

Ram used by graphic card is restricted to it in bios/uefi. OS don’t even has access to it. If your game slow down I suggest taking look at your hard drive/ssd condition.

I play on ryzen 3 2200g with only its integrated graphic and 8 GiB of ram with no issue. I even have EVE with medium settings in background while playing War Thunder or farming simulator without issue. So amount of ram is not a problem here.

Your OS doesn’t need access to it, the OS doesn’t require a lot of graphics to run, Eve does. it needs it for video memory and if Eve can’t get it from a designer graphics card integrated or not it takes it from the RAM and if you use multiple monitors even more so.

In other words the Microsoft Surface will run great running its Operating system it doesn’t need video memory but the game does ( I just don’t want the OP to buy a new surface pro with 8 gb of ram and think you are going to get great performance) the SSD will help greatly and make it more stable but not as good if you had an SSD and a deticated graphics card that you could find in a desktop for a lot cheaper.

I guess you can’t read.

OS don’t have access to it so windows don’t even know that RAM exist and can’t do anything with it because it’s locked “below” system.

I run two games at a same time with 8 GiB of RAM with graphic card that also use that RAM as own VRAM without any issues. So please don’t create more misinformation.

We are not talking about your computer we are talking about a Microsoft Surface.

If you have an integrated graphics card, it will usually have no memory. It will take x amount of the RAM your computer has and use that for the GPU. The RAM used by the iGPU is not available to Windows or any programs that you launch. It’s only for the iGPU and it also cannot go over the amount given to it.

TLDR: 6 GB od RAM is more than enough for 1 Eve-client.

And guess what, Microsoft Surface is computer as any other. Don’t have unique chipset, CPU or northbridge.

Anyway, I’m out of that useless arguing.

I run EVE on my Surface Pro 6, no issues, the screen is small so I reset game screen to 250 and adjust graphics, I have played EVE on a large laptop and desktop, no performance issues or lags with the Surface, my only annoyance is the screen size, I am looking at an wireless external monitor or just purchasing a larger laptop for EVE only.

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