Eve on Surface Go

Hello, have someone tried eve on surface go 8GB model, im considering a buy.

I’d honestly not pair an intel igpu with an 1800x1200 resolution for 3d gaming.

Not even for EVE.

actually im industrial so i dont need fps :slight_smile:

Been now looking at comparing this, to me, unknown Pentium variant with a first gen ryzen 3.


It’s really slow, but to be fair, nowadays “really slow” is actually still pretty fast … the client is “dumb” and you’re likely not doing much in space sooo … gotta say, if everything else doesn’t matter to you, then I’d recommend at least grabbing a mouse when you’re playing.

Personally I’d look for something stronger, to be sure it keeps up with the next years of progress of EVE and the internet as a whole. That processor is … really slow …

I already got HP Omen … so this is only for field logins for jobs switch maybe skills and some basic stuff … maybe some mining

for 2 days business trip i dont want to bring my omen …

Well …

My personal opinion is that it’s a waste of money, because being lazy is no excuse and I am well aware of the Omen series. Nonetheless, you can be sure that EVE runs on that sorry excuse of a computer, but I wouldn’t have too high hopes that you’d be enjoying the experience.

Sorry for not being more of a help.

thx, it was helpful

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Go to shop.
Say, I consider buying a Surface Go. Can I try EVE On it ? (Make sure you create an alpha just to test)
Works, you buys. Fails, say you’ll go to the forums and cry there but will mention their great service.
Shop happy, you happy.

I have two Intel PC’s (and with onboard Intel Cards) with linux (Gigabyte Brix) running EVE Online. Works fine. Obviously not with everything graphically set to max. I prefer the one with the worst graphical card as it does not accelerate and… does not get hot… the other one has external fan pointed at it (as it’s smaller than a normal fan).

I can kind of play on laptop with 3210M. dGPU is present but it should be disabled, so I believe the game runs on iGPU. Game runs, but obviously everything has to be set to low. I believe Atom will offer you mostly similar experience, so it should be just fine for industry including some trips to grab minerals and bring modules to trade hubs. But it won’t be all that nice.

If you are considering SurfaceGo mostly to play the game, don’t buy it, it will be a huge waste of money. Spend more and buy something good or just don’t buy at all. Only get SurfaceGo if you mainly want to use it for something else (say note taking).

That wouldn’t work where I live. What kind of shop lets you do this?

ok i did take the surface go and Eve is running with 15-45 fps (without power cord) and 56ms lag … so everything i need :slight_smile:


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