Any ideas if EVE Online will run passably?

Im getting a new gaming laptop in about 3 months around my birthday (my birthday present to me). But in the meantime I saw EVE Online and was interested in the game. However after downloading the game, it seems it runs horrible on my current system and I was wondering if anything you guys could suggest will make it run passably til I get my new laptop.

My current major hardware is as follows:
I am running a Windows 10 32 bit OS
Intel Pentium CPU B940@2.00Ghz @2.00Ghz
Intel HD Graphics 3000
120 GB SSD

Again I am just wanting to know if there is anything I can do to make the game work passably til I get my new laptop. Ive already lowered all the graphics to the lowest setting which has done next to nothing to improve the gameplay as it is still extremely sluggish.

EVE will play on pretty much anything. A lot of times it’ll look really bad after a fresh install because it tries to only download assets as it needs them. Using the launcher you can download all the assets at once and it’ll probably be fine. Or you can just endure the sucky parts and it’ll eventually have downloaded just the stuff you’re likely to use and not the stuff you’re never gonna see anyway. Other performance tips are to turn down graphics settings and zoom out your camera.

Thanks. Like I said, I am planning on buying me a better laptop come August. This one is an old one circa 2011 (Sony Vaio) and is well past its death date but still chugging along. I appreciate the reply and look forward to seeing you and others in game.

The B940 is definitely an antique. My main recommendation when buying a gaming system today is to specify M.2 NVME storage and a DX12 capable video chip.

No kidding man. Its like an old Chrysler Fifth Avenue compared to a modern day car. Modern day cars get so much more out of em, but like my old Avenue this laptop is a champ and still chugging along. Guess I like vintage XD

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