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Hey all,

Thinking about returning, but, in order to do so, I need a laptop.
Desktop is no option.

Now, I did try EVE yesterday on my girlfriends Asus ROG laptop, and I figured EVE would run flawless on it.
Now to an extent it did, but at 27-32 FPS in the new player start area at all High settings, windowed or fullscreen.

What that laptop has, is:
8Gb DDR Ram 2133mHz
GTX1050 4Gb
Windows 10 64b
1TB HD + 128Gb SSD

I assumed that would be easily sufficient, but for my purchase I am hoping to crank more FPS out of EVE.

What should I look at in this case? i7-7700HQ? More RAM? 1050ti?
My aim is to run max 2 clients at once.
NOTE: I am not planning on spending 2k on a laptop, considering it’s for light gaming.

Or perhaps her laptop needs some tweaking, since I was amazed that EVE didnt break 30 fps easily.

Any feedback is welcome.

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To follow up my above post, what happens in this link confuses me further:

GTX 1050 Ti - i5 2500k - 1080p - running at 100ish FPS.

Surely her laptop specs should be able to reach 80ish FPS easily?

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You may have been experiencing the performance issues associated with CCP’s new chat system when you tried EVE on the GF’s laptop. Here’s a Reddit thread showing the frames per second of someone sitting in Jita as the local chat box fills up with people (after the daily downtime).

EDIT: Otherwise, yeah, the specs should handle EVE easily, in theory.

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I thought something else was causing this behaviour.

I will try again tonight, and see whats up.
Thank you for that link, shall consume it in a couple :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well then you don’t really mean it, do you?


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It’s pretty hard not to tell you to sort out whatever is the problem and get a proper computer.

That said I also don’t think your hardware is necessarily the problem. Most people’s computers run at a fraction of their potential due to insane amounts of background processes competing for attention and conflicting with each other / whatever you’re trying to actually use.

Talking purely hardware a bit more ram wouldn’t hurt. Your GPU performance is going to be influenced a fair bit by the cooling design of the laptop. It’s not a bad spec by any stretch but I could understand why it might not hit 80+fps with EvE these days. You could probably turn down a couple of settings you’d hardly notice and get loads smoother.

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I just fixed the same issue after It almost completely drove me mad. I tried literally everything EvE/Windows-wise and eventually decided to try and see what it would do without any graphic driver installed, as it used to work perfectly before.

note: I had already re-installed the latest driver twice)

In my case with one client it would display max 30FPS and with two-or more clients 30FPS on the active window and 1FPS on the inactive window(s), even with everything on low. This made multi-boxing nearly unworkable & extremely annoying… Also Task Manager would show 100% GPU usage with just one client active.

When I played EvE without any graphics driver installed my FPS was back to normal; 200+ with Vsync turned off at max graphics.

I then installed an older driver version and it is finally fixed! GPU usage is still higher than it used to be, but with 73% and 2-3 clients running it is acceptable.

My specifications:
16GB DDR3-1600
+Eve on SSD

Driver I had installed: NVIDIA Graphics Driver (397.31, latest one as I’m writing this)
Driver I have now : NVIDIA Graphics Driver (390.65)

So, to sum it up, de-install your driver; check if it is okay; then install an older driver and start enjoying EvE again at 60+ FPS.

Edit: I just noticed EvE is still on DX9, which is one of the things I tried that didn’t work. Still have to test it on DX11 with this driver, but I assume it will still be fine; I’ll report back :slight_smile:

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