Considering gaming hardware - advice and suggestions

So I’ve just started EVE after several years of playing games just about exclusively on consoles. I play on a 17 inch laptop which, despite the years is still holding up - barely. The specs are roughly these:

Core i3, 3110M, 2.4 GHz
6 gigs of RAM
2 gigs of graphics memory I believe, nothing much to speak of.

I’ve scaled down a bit from what the game gave me by default, but there’s still noticeable framerate dropping and the whole experience is far from remarkable. The game itself is enjoyable though, so I might be considering a new rig, as my laptop could be due for an upgrade anyway.

So now I’m turning to the community for suggestions on what to look at hardware-wise if I wanted to run the game smoothly at decent settings. I’m not looking for the highest possible performance, more a bang-for-your-buck rig. I would be looking for a desktop PC instead of a larger laptop this time.

Thanks in advance.

My setup is a bit old (DDR3 generation), but its great for gaming.
Im running a triple monitor setup (Not quite full HD, 4298x768) at max graphics with full FPS. I only have to premptively turn down the graphics to medium during large null blobs.

i5-3570K (O.C. to 4.3GHz)
16 GB Ram
GTX 960FTW 2GB model

As you can see with the GFX card, you dont need anything too hefty, would probably suggest atleast a GTX1060, or if you have the budget a GTX1070.

CPU can be anything decent, that wont be your bottleneck.

If youre not multiboxing, even 8GB of ram would be fine, but I suggest 16GB at a minimum. Its cheap.

I have almost the same setup and I had to set all my stuff to medium and uncheck “effects” because of the dust in space.

If you’re purchasing new hardware for gaming I recommend you consider the following:

  • M.2 SSD. A regular SSD is OK but slower. A mechanical hard drive should only be considered as a second drive for archival storage - they are an order of magnitude slower.
  • 16Gb of RAM. It’s cheap - don’t settle for less.
  • Discrete graphics. Midrange 60 or 70 series cards from ATI or Nvidia will deliver the best value.
  • Quad core CPU. Games won’t use more so invest in clock speed rather than additional cores.
  • Dual monitor. Once you’ve used a dual monitor system, you’ll wonder how you survived without it.
  • Good quality gaming keyboard and mouse. This is the interface between you and the computer - spend a little more than you need to, you’ll be glad you did.

Computers don’t go obsolete as quickly as they used to. My 4 year old system (AMD FX-8350, GTX-770) is still plenty fast for everything I do and it will likely be a few more years before I get the itch to upgrade.

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