Returning player, system spec

Been 8 years since I played and tbh can’t be bothered to research system requirements. I’m going to be buying a new system with two screens for three clients. Would like to have settings maxed when mission running, I would probably turn settings down in large fleet battles. Has anything dramatically change in what I will need to run a smooth system?

I know that large fleet battles will result in horrific lag and node crashes, so more interested in ultimate pve setup.


The 64 bit client can take advantage of more memory - reducing the disconnects and client crashes is large fights - 16Gb should be the minimum. Choose an M.2 drive for storage - orders of magnitude faster than mechanical hard drives and quite reasonable pricing these days. Otherwise, a midrange processor like the Ryzen 5 3600 and midrange graphics like the GTX 1050 or RX 570 should serve you well for 1080P. If you’re planning 1440P or 4K graphics you should consider a more powerful graphics card.

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Sounds like current mid range hardware should do just fine.

My system is largely low-mid ranged old hardware and I can multibox in potato mode or run one client with decent settings. I just got a 1660ti but my current CPU (early i3 8+ years old now) is bottlenecking hard, don’t think I’ve seen the GFX card go over 20% usage. Hopefully will get a current gen i5 or ryzen 3600 for better performance there. I have 8GB of ram which is enough for a few clients, but add in a few extra 3rd party apps and web browsers and ram gets tight, so as said 16GB is probably a good starting point.

so yea my system that used to run eve rather well doesn’t do so good these days. CCP has done a bunch of graphical updates over the years.

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Sounds like what I was thinking tbh, I’ll get a new mid range system and go from there. Thanks

i would sugest you think about a ryzen 3700X … it has a grad price to $ balance
i would not buy a 10X0 geforce anymore … the 1660 is cheap now

M.2 ssd harddisk --> yea no question about that!

aner min of 16GB or maybe 32GB … you know a few months and you have a 9 char mining fleet :wink:


Was thinking an i7 with a RTX 2700 super, 32g ram. Probably overkill, but i won’t need to mod it for a while :joy:

Intel is to expensive in my opinion … and the 9xxx i7 are a joke … lost some stuff for the i9 … buy a AMD

I’ve never had an intel rig tbh, this would be a first. I always had amd, but thought that the i7 has more power?

The 3rd generation Ryzen chips from AMD are fabricated using a 7nm process - Intel is still stuck at 14nm - first time AMD has a new process node before Intel and they offer significantly better price/performance in the midrange. Intel & Nvidia still own the high end if you want bragging rights but AMD is much better value. I’m using a Ryzen 5 3600X and doubt you’ll need anything more powerful for Eve.

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