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So I had a few questions out there for all the hardware/tech people playing eve. I currently run a 8700k with 32g DDR4 ram and a GTX 1080. For my monitors, I have one 1440p and three 1080p. I was thinking of upgrading to Three 1440p monitors and one 1080p. Would this be something that is doable on this graphics card? The additional 1440p ones would have eve on them and the 1080p one would be used for discord/Spotify etc.

Is this too many pixels for it? I have tested 2 1440p monitors and it seems to be fine although loading clients pops my GPU usage to 100%



You should be fine with your setup if you change INTERVAL>1 (so more than 1, try 2 or 4). Running a setup like that on your low end system will work fine, but make sure you change the Interval to anything over 1. Maybe 4 would work the best. You shouldn’t have any loss in FPS then.

Awesome okay sounds good thanks!

Interesting. I only have an option for immediate or 1. Not 2 or 4.

They removed anything above 1 few years ago. It was different types of frame limiter. 0 - no limit, 1 - your monitor/system refresh rate, 2 - half of refresh rate, 4 - quarter of refresh rate.

It’s wonky sometimes. For example if your system can’t achieve limit just be few frames (60 fps in my case) it gonna be capped at lower limit. That’s why, when you don’t have cooling problems, aren’t concerned by power usage and can’t maintain stable fps I suggest disabling limit.

Yeah no, I was just asking. I don’t have an issue running multiple screens and accounts.

But thanks for the info. I was just curious since it was mentioned.

Wow so thats low end! How about a 4790k, gtx1060 6GB, and 32GB ddr3 , 2 x 1080p monitors. That must be scrap to you. However my CPU does happily churn away clocked at 4.4GHz across all 8 threads

500$ GPU from 2016 r. Is low end nowdays. Definitely not a potato but not a monster either. No idea why so triggered by that…

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