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Hi all 0/. I was thinking of building a new computer soon and I was wondering what kind of budget I would need for a computer that could run 3 clients of eve at 1080p on high setting. It would be on a 3 monitor setup at 1080p . I would like to use Intel / Nvidia build, not for best price or anything just like those chipsets. Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.


There is going to be a lot of subjective suggestions, so here’s mine.

Intel isnt going to help your wallet. Dont be afraid of AMD, they are opening a can of whoop ass ATM.

3700x to 3900x
32g 3200 Ram
Depending on what you really want to do, a 49" 4k tv/display could be better than 3 1080’s as its the same PPI as 4 24" 1080s without the bezels.

Okay, I have 3 monitors, but prefer running my clients in 1080p on my 50" 4k tv, as I have to move my eyes and mouse shorter distances (and am more likely to notice stuff going on in other clients). I run them in fixed window mode, and then use an auto-hotkey script by Kuroro Lucifer to move them into position. It’s easy to use, uses like 300kb of RAM, and I love the results. Anyway, I use my other monitors for my web browser and chat clients, but if you’re only running 3 clients, you’ll be able to put stuff in one corner of your 4k TV (the hotkey script works with other programs, it just won’t resize them. You’ll have to do that manually).

Anyway, I can’t tell you exactly what system specs you need, but I’ll tell you what I use and the results.
I have an i7-3930k, 16GB of RAM, and a 3GB version of a GTX 1060. I can run four clients at 1080p at max settings, but will often dip below 30fps when there is a lot of stuff going on screen. So, I just turn down all my settings all the way save for shader quality, which I keep at medium. That keeps me at a rock solid 30fps, and the medium shader goes a long way towards keeping the game from looking like ass. I have done some experimentation, and feel like I have more than enough RAM and processing power for 4 clients (even at max settings). The only thing I would consider upgrading is my video card.

I consider it safe to say that you don’t need more than 16GB of RAM for three clients, but 8GB might be pushing it if you also run other stuff at the same time (i.e. a browser with multiple tabs open, TS, Discord, etcetera).

Hope that helps.

whos got 3x 4k and what card/s you running

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hmmm so it sounds like I need to pay more for cpu. at first I was think i5 9600k $240 and a gtx 1660 super $250. but it seems I need an i7 for around $300 to make it work?

also the 50" 4k sounds like a good idea, cleaner setup. but how close /where do you have it set up? I think it would be to big to sit comfortably close to it, maybe I could get like a 43" ish and I could have it closer on my desk?

Yeah, good point. You should definitely consider how close you’d be sitting to such a large screen before making a decision.

Anyway, I have leeway in determining how far I sit away from my TV because I have an L-shaped desk. So, I’ll tend to back up a bit, keep the mouse on the right side of my desk, and put the keyboard in my lap. I used a tape measure and found that my eyes sit damn near 3 feet away from a 50in TV. That works great for Eve and in isometric and side scrolling games, but I sometimes feel the need to bump up the FOV a bit in first and third person games. Oh, I also mounted my tv to the wall right above my desk, which allowed me to push it a few inches back.

You can also find articles and charts suggesting optimal viewing distances. They say that you should sit a little further back that I would suggest, but it also looks like many of them were designed with TV and movie viewing in mind. So, I don’t know.

3 clients dont need 8 core cpu and 32gb of ram^^ 8gb would be enough but since ram is not that expensive you can go with 16gb and have plenty

170,- 3600 (non x)
75,- 16gb 3200mhz ddr4 2x8gb
175,- you can get a RX 590 8g or a RTX 1660 6gb for the same (i would take the 8gb amd card)
70,- a ryzen 3000 rdy boards with 4 ram slots and at least one m2 slot
60,- 240-256gb m2 ssd with dram cache as system ssd
55,- 2tb Sata HDD

605,- euro today…

if you want to go realy cheapo a case with space for long gfx and 500w psu is 45,- add some fans and you have your gaming “rig” for under 700,- with shipping (all euro prices short look into geizhals)
with good case and good psu you have to add 100,-

and for my poster above… playing is not TV… i use a tripple monitor setup for myself with full hd 24" viewing distance is 80cm-120cm for a fresh eve tripple monitor rig i would go for 1440p displays 26" (and go chep… eve dont need 120fps freesync hdr+ displays)

There is a new progressive trend currently - Ultra Large Monitors (ULM). A good idea as for me to display these new high resolution frames. The drawback - they are very expensive.

As for a PC platform for your purpose, you can take any PC that costs $1500 or above with a respective videocard of course (aka > GTX 1000). If your purpose is multiboxing in hostile areas, I’d say a super good internet connection is much more important in this case. Just save money for a good ISP and router, which will handle all your traffic without losing data packets.

ULM preview. Resolution 5120x1440 => 2.66 FullHD - almost three full HD clients.

thats not almost 3xfull hd thats just 2x1440p^^

with 3 seperate displays you have one central in front of you, the borders between the displays are natuural there, you can more easy manage windows between the 3 seperate screens, you have 2 left if one goes bad till you got replacement, you can place them in a U chape you have almost the same view distance to all of them, you can rotate them into vertical. and the 3 displays are mostly cheaper as the ultrawide and if you play only on one of them your gpu dont have to work that mutch

even if there would be 3x1440p displays with R100 cheap i would preferr 3x seperate displays if your goal ist eve multiboxing

and witch internet traffic? eve itsself if running dont need mutch

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