Anyone run multiple accounts on multiple monitors ( 4 accounts - 4 monitors)?

What type of hardware do you use to get optimum graphics?

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I used to run three monitors. Now I run one.

But that one monitor is a 38" ultrawide 3840x1600. And coupled with my 6800K + 1080 displays 4 accts @ 60 FPS just fine.

You really don’t need a high end system to multibox. I’m guessing you could do it on a laptop if you really wanted to.

I run two monitors, and up to three copies of the client, on an old (10+ years) AMD X6x6 box with 8Gb memory and a Nvidia GTX560 video card, under Wine on Linux Mint 17.3. The monitors run at 1920x1080 and 1280x1024. The 3 clients running together don’t push any of the CPUs to 100%, or the memory into paging, so each client is actually a pretty light loading on the system. The only time I see lag is when entering/leaving certain stations or in frantic systems like Jita.

Related question - can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap video card which will allow me to run 3 monitors together on this set-up ?

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Define reasonably cheap? the 1050 is about 120USD

I want to spend as liitle as possible :slight_smile:
What make is the 1050 ?

I watched a person streaming 25 accounts on one monitor. Mind you he was very well organized as he obliterated freighters.

GeForce Nvidia 1050 though I think a Radeon R7 will manage 2 clients at half the price, it depends on how high you want your graphics settings, on minimum you can run Eve on fairly low specs but on high it’s a heavy resource consuming application.

Pen & paper.

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Sorry, your comment on the Radeon has confused me a little - to be absolutely clear, are you saying that a single Nvidia 1050 on it’s own will run 3 monitors at once ?

I don’t know, I doubt it, the possible requirements are not simply to be able to run a monitor being able to run 2 clients on the same monitor does require more resources than running 1 client. A graphics card could have 2 outputs neither of which are capable of running Eve.

Sorry, I asked “Related question - can anyone recommend a reasonably cheap video card which will allow me to run 3 monitors together on this set-up ?” and you replied with “GeForce Nvidia 1050”. If that won’t run 3 monitors then what question were you answering ?

I run a four monitor setup with a nvidia 1080. I run four accounts most of the time and have run five with no issues all video settings are maxed out. I actually think the video card has more ports for monitors.

Ended up getting an i9 cpu and 2 x 1080 ti’s. Plugged into a rog z390 MB. Runs beautiful

I’m using a Titan X with 4 monitor ports for 4 separate monitors. Works fine for most stuff but If I try to do 4 box fleet fights It can break the video drivers with max graphics settings. In potato mode no issues.

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 is going for 139.99 USD on newegg and its can run three monitors though the outputs are different the card has 1 displayport 1 HDMI and 1 DVI port for about 10-30 you can get a 1050 which is just an updated 1050 with better clocks.

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Thanks :+1:

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