Hardware setting multiboxing

o7 all,
so this is my setup since about a year when at home. Used to travel a lot because of work that’s why I don’t own a tower or I don’t know how u call it in english.

I’ve Intel 5, NVIDIA GTX 950M and when I bought this screen, even if the saleman told me it would’nt handle double-screening, I was like yeaaaaah i’m sure it will as it did with the smaller screen I had before. Tried, but after 5 minutes I could smell a scaring smell of burning so never did try again, even with low graphics.

All that to ask you how much would it cost me to have a setup with which I could run 3 accounts, Teamspeak, web navigator and sometime Spotify on 1 huge screen or 2 smaller ones?

You’re monitor is not the issue…it’s the fact it’s an old laptop.

You need a PC/LapTop that can run multiple accounts. A good CPU from 10 years ago and 16GB of RAM plus a better video card will do it no problem.

I think the x50 serious of nVidia cards are not really good so…I have a 1060 with 3GB of vRAM and have zero issues running 5 accounts on two monitors. Pretty cheap set-up…


For single client use your laptop is probably fine, for multiboxing you’re probably pushing it to the limit so it’d would get hot quickly, there’s a chance that the burning smell might be dust caught in the heatsink getting nice and toasty.

I’d take a compressed air can to the fan exit before spending any money but you may well need to upgrade.

I have a newish cheap i5 desktop with loads of ram and a gtx 1060 6gb that has a dead power stage, even with a crippled card it’ll still run 3 accounts and loads of background stuff.


Well its okay now no more burning smell, I was meaning when I tried laptop screen * the bug screen it did. Currently playing on 3 accounts. Thanks for ur answer

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