Running Multiple Clients

My current PC broadly consists of:

Dell 2560x1440 TFT
Intel i5 3570K @ 3.4GHz
nVidia GTX 1070

I wish to run 6-10 clients at the same time at 2560x1440 (or windowed 1920 x 1080 would be acceptable) and can’t at the moment without lag and unacceptable performance. I don’t want to have to use minimum graphics settings either.

What do I need to change with current hardware to do what I want?


That’s your bottleneck. Get a better graphics card, or more than one for SLI.

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A GTX 1070 is a bottleneck? WTF? I had expected the CPU or RAM to be the issue.

What video card to get? If I just bought another 1070 and SLI them is that sufficient?

Yeah, with 10 clients on high graphics settings it sort of is… I run 20 clients on a 2nd generation i5 with 16gb ram just fine, but I’m running them on low graphic settings…

No idea. You’ll have to do performance comparisons and look at benchmarks to get a rough idea. But of course nothing beats actual testing.

What screen resolution are you using for the clients? And do you play them windowed?

1920x1080 in borderless window (fixed window)

OK. And is your Windows desktop also that resolution? Just trying to understand if running the desktop in one res and clients in another is causing additional stress.

Thanks by the way.

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Yeah, it is. I got 4 displays hooked up to it, all at 1920x1080. Running Win7 btw.

Not really. Drawing the desktop isn’t particularly resource intensive.

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i rum 4 clients on a 1060 GTX on my notebook with no problem … FullHD only
i only have 4 accounts so i cant tell if i could run more but i ave youtube and twich running too and i am surfing arround also …


I can tell you a 1070 runs 5 clients well on okish graphics. A 6th kills it. if you potato mode it though it runs 6 very smoothly

6-10 clients?
20 clients!!!

I get the use of alts, but jeez you guys take it a step to far.


How does anybody fly without atleast 6 ships being multiboxxed??? I’d go stir crazy unless it was actual technical flying which sadly is called for very rarely

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Couldn’t imagine trying to keep track of anything more than 6 clients. which I actually only use 1 character. almost never log my alt in.

Well, you can use EVE-O Preview to run these clients with the option ‘Minimize inactive clients’ active

In this case all clients except the one being active will be minimized and will consume much less resources.
Bonus - you get a nice and fast way to switch between clients
A caveat - previews of these clients will be still images (for non-minimized clients that app displays live thumbnails)

Tbf 4 active in combat with 2 serving as scouts or trump cards. 3 in combat if its fast paced. 2 if you are FCing.

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According to CCP statistics from a few years back the average player had less than 2 accounts.

Also, multiboxing 6 ships, taken that you’re not breaking the EULA, means that you have to be capable of taking in the information of 6 separate client at the same time, managing modules, movement in space and all that. Unless you mean that you have 6 rorqs sitting in a belt or run 6 VNIs and don’t care about being tackled.

For PVP 6 is overkill, unless you rarely have to do anything manually.

What exactly do you mean by fast paced? Like kiting and module/heat managing with 3 pilots, fulfilling some role and so on? That’s pretty tough and nearly impossible to not be outplayed by 3 single pilots in a 3vs3 fight.

I was going to take the time to explain this and than realized I posted about it

6 accounts used for an engagement at once. Faster paced would be ships with guns anchored having to keep up with target calling. For more technical flying (not 99.9% of eve combat sadly) 1 account. I know this great man “Trosken Neirfallas” who if you browse his KB you will find some fine tails of solo combat sadly however Noragen is a team player and never wanders off alone

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sounds impossible without breaking some of the EULA like macros and such

Eve o preview or is boxer but only to manage them not Imput broadcasting .Secondly try changing the setting to fixed window then increase the size to you screens resolution it’ll give you a full screened game which for me seems to reduce load.You may want to tone the settings to medium but highly recommend low settings

You mean from over a decade ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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