Noragen and the Neirfallas ALT’s

The following tales are of Noragen and his “ALT’s” as they take on various challenges and create some general havoc.

A Series of Escalating ALT’s

It was a fine day in the Hek area and I decided to go out and scout the surrounds having subbed again. I went to my old stomping ground to get a feel for the general population in the Ani pocket and see who was still running missions in Lanngisi and what not. Unsurprising there was a suspect in Lanngisi itself. After a quick D-scan I saw nothing out of place but 2 Kirins however as there was only one suspect I dismissed it and wait a second now there are 3 suspects… Ok well it’s the Kirins for sure.

I began rather rustily D-Scanning for the Kirins and found 2 Kirins, a Worm and a Raven Navy Issue (self named). I quickly convoed the RNI pilot as he was clearly the target and invited him to fleet. Sadly he didn’t speak english so we had Google Translate slowdowns. After arriving on grid in my scout ship I found him 130km off the 2nd acceleration gate. I knew at this point he was dead but I wondered if I could swipe his loot at least. I moved in next to him in my scout ship and continued to bring in my main character ‘Noragen’ in some sorta ■■■■ fit structure bash loki. As backup I had a pair of RR Domi’s off grid waiting for the go ahead to come on in and save the day just incase things got hairy.

I noted that 1 Kirin had warped off and the Worm was no longer suspect. I burnt the Loki slowly towards them with a 10mn AB and the Worm decided to finish off the RNI before I could get close enough in the Loki. He took his chances with the loot and I won the loot grab not that it was blingy.

As the RNI was in my fleet I did NOT go suspect looting it. #GameMechanics. “Point on the Kirin” I said to an empty coms channel… I really needed some non ALT friends :(. With the Kirin tackled and going nowhere I knew I was going to get that kill at least. The worm duels me at 0. I scan the worm and find it to be worth 200M compared to the 50M Kirin. I take the duel and point and web the worm putting my drones on the Kirin. The Worm countered by agressing my drones and what follows is a game of Drone on Drone action where I out recall my drones and begin to defang a Worm in a loki… WTF Mate

A wild Basilisk appears! I scan the Basilisk. It is the new Primary and the Kirin warps off. The Basilisk is some kinda super special Highsec suspect games fit worth 1B and I know I am either dealing with a moron or a professional. I pull my scout and send him for a new ship. Meanwhile I bring in the 2 Domi’s as the Loki is now at about ½ armor. As soon as the Domi’s appear and begin repping not to mention applying their DPS to this self repping random ass Basi the Worm leaves grid and another 2 Basi’s appear. I slam my desk timers, 4.5mins and 9mins. I’ll take a moment to explain my timers incase it ever comes up again. The 4.5min timer is to let me know that I have an expiring LE with a dangerous target like a DPS ship that docked or is reshipping. The the 9 min timer is to alert me to potential expiring suspect flag/s.

I know that this is about to escalate when 1 more Basilisk warps in for a total of 4 on grid. I tab to my browser and sub another account and login to yet another one with my finger hovering over the ‘Subscribe’ button. I scan the others to discover they are pretty standard and not super special Highsec fit. I will not let go of the tackled 1B Basi and I can see him desperately trying to shake my Loki and Domi’s aligning this way and that but the dual web’s counter his 100MN ab nicely. My freshly subbed Guardian Pilot spots the Worm pilot in Hek and I realize he is probably building a counter for me as my Domi’s are now suspect. BEEP BEEP BEEP. The Worm has 30 seconds to re engage before the LE expires. The Guard wastes no time and enters and anchors up on the domi’s. I can’t break this Basi with 3 other Basi’s repping him and although I am not tackled I know this is just a matter of time until something does come along to break the status quo.

I SLAM THE SUB BUTTON. 6 characters subbed now 2 while still in combat I JC to Hek on the fresh sub and buy a Falcon. Now able to field a Loki, 2 Domi’s RR fit, a Guard, my Booster/scout/ship scanner and finally the Falcon I go all in and bring the booster on grid along with the Falcon cloaked up. I noticed at this point some of these guys Corp/Alliance mates are filtering into Local. Wrecking Crew sounds familiar but I can’t place them. It doesn’t matter this will be over before they arrive and I’ll happily continue now my whole little crew is back together. I decloak the Falcon and MWD it into position feeding it cap from the Guard. I preheat a full rack less the MWD of Caldari T2 jams and hit the boosts which include a single info boost to empower Ewar. BAM 3/3 Normal Basi’s jammed and the original one drops in seconds no longer receiving reps. I try to grab a second one as the first dies but at this point they decide to cut their losses and warp before I grab another one.

BEEP BEEP BEEP… How long has that been going off for? I scoop the loot on the Loki worth a little over 400M and begin some light taunting in local to try and see if they will escalate. The worm pilot now in system responds with a short sweet “you better not have any structures in highsec”. I feel fear grip me as I lick up the salt in his words.

This may seem like alot for a single 1B kill but it was never about the value of the kill but the effort it took to get it and the effort put in to prevent me from getting it. It was one of the best fights of my career not because of how hard it was but because I was up against somebody who played like me and knew all the tricks in the book. 10/10 would sub 2 accounts mid fight for this again


: D

: D

So I’m not the only one who sometimes just doesn’t recognize the timers anymore, because there is just too much going on on screen. I really like the idea of having alarms set. That’s damn smart.

Thanks for sharing, was a good read! (tag)

Never thought you would do a “OOH look at me” Thread but then I looked back at previous posts of yours and yes you have been doing them for a long time!

Nice read, man. Now if people stopped likin’ only and instead kept bumpin’ the fuckin’ thread, that’d be fuckin’ great.

Well written Noragen, its always worth subbing/dropping iskies to win a gud fight. (Ego’s an expensive part of the conscious mind to keep in check.)

Notice you didn’t wardec me while I was away spearing dolphins on Great Keppel Island. ( just as well, I’ve got mates in Null bro :stuck_out_tongue:)


Ha! Great story! 10/10. Sounds like a fun fight

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